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    Northern Ireland Music Industry Commission

    It's an official body set up by LEDU to create an infrastructure for a proper music industry in the province. It's been in the pipeline for several years now and around Feb 2000, public membership was made available. Towards the August/September period of 2001, 2 official positions ( CEO and Development Officer ) were created and opened to application. The posts were filled by Tony Talbot (CEO) & Paul Clegg (Dev Officer).

    The blue-print for what NIMIC might be like was set out in April 1999, by local marketing consultant John Edmund, in a document called Establishing A Sectoral-Lead-Body to Support the Development of the Music Industry Northern Ireland, (commonly referred to as "The Edmund Report").

    The document was comissioned by the official government body LEDU ( [url="http://www.ledu-ni.gov.uk"]www.ledu-ni.gov.uk[/url] ). As their website says: LEDU is the lead agency for local economic development in Northern Ireland. It helps businesses which normally employ fewer than 50 people in the manufacturing and tradeable services sectors.

    The Edmund Report is available to download free from LEDU's website at [url="http://www.ledu-ni.gov.uk/info/docs/MusicRep.pdf"]www.ledu-ni.gov.uk/info/docs/MusicRep.pdf[/url], in PDF format. You will need Adobe's free Acrobat Reader to read it,
    which can be downloaded at [url="http://www.adobe.com/prodindex/acrobat/readstep.html"]www.adobe.com/prodindex/acrobat/readstep.html[/url].

    A steering committee was created to set up the organisation, which was re-elected by the members shortly after public membership became available, although it supposedly had a one year mandate which has now expired. It was explained at NIMIC's first official members' meeting (six months after the mandate expiriy date) that the set up was considerably complex and committee members were donating their own free time, unpaid, to the project. As such, they required additional time to complete the task satisfactorily. Public applicants were assured free membership for the first year, but no-one had been asked to reapply for year 2, or submit fees. At the same meeting it was anounced that the time for membership renewal had been deferred until March 2002.

    The first offical meeting, introducing the full-time NIMIC CEO (Tony Talbot) and Development Officer (Paul Clegg), took place on 19/09/01 in the Northern Whig Building, Belfast. A small group of members and steering committee participants were present to hear an introduction and brief outline of what was proposed for the upcoming year. A document was distributed to all present, explaining this proposal, which can be found [url="http://homepage.ntlworld.com/rogerherbert/Fastfude/html/nimic_meeting01.htm"]here[/url]

    At present, and as far as can be gathered, the current NIMIC organisation consists of this:


    Tony Talbot [ [url="http://www.nerve-centre.org.uk"]Nerve Centre[/url] ]
    Paul Clegg [ Triangle Music Collective ]


    Richard Abbott
    Gary Aiken [ Novatech Studios]
    Stuart Bailie [ [url="http://www.ohyeah.net"]OhYeah[/url] ]
    Paul Brown
    Ross Graham (Producer)
    Maurice Jay [ [url="http://www.cherrymoon.com"]Cherrymoon Records[/url] ]
    Pearse Moore (one of the men behind the true story of My Lovely Horse!)

    In addition, 4 "musicians' representatives" were elected to compliment the industry sector members:

    Chris Allen [ band: [url="http://www.zerotonin.co.uk"]Zerotonin[/url] ]
    Susan Enan [ band: [url="http://www.susanenan.co.uk"]Susan Enan[/url] ]
    Conor Garrett [ [url="http://www.bbc.co.uk/atl"]Across The Line[/url] ]
    Phil Woolsey [ band: [url="http://listen.to/ninebar/"]Ninebar International[/url] ]

    this list will be amended as and when new information becomes available...

    NIMIC now have an office space at the following address:

    Unit 2, Northern Whig House
    Bridge St.
    Belfast BT1 1LU
    Tel: 029 90923488
    e-mail: info@nimusic.com
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