1. avatar glzebub
    for sale, fender deluxe series

    burnt orange, mint condition, see fender website for details.

    owned from new. rrp £569

    will accept £350. maybe throw in fender gig bag. depends.

    reply glzebub@hotmail.com
  2. avatar ssmcmullan
    Fucksakes, I've been looking for one of these for ages, now I am broke again, this sucks.
  3. avatar culchiepunker
  4. avatar glzebub

    copy and paste this link.

  5. avatar nonlogic liam
    if you still have it at the end of january I will buy off you. you have my word.

  6. avatar ssmcmullan
    Nice one, let Liam buy it!
  7. avatar glzebub
    I accept. Edited by: glzebub at: 7/12/04 2:11 pm
  8. avatar EPK
    You do realise you'll now have to grow a floppy fringe, Liam.
  9. avatar glzebub
    i'll throw in a Belle & Sebastien mug as well.... Edited by: glzebub at: 15/12/04 4:39 pm
  10. avatar what was left
    A deal has been done then?

    I've mailed a friend who's been keen to get his hands on one of these for a while, but I'm not one to mow another man lawn!
  11. avatar glzebub
    there were two separate people interested but one lived in Manchester the other in Cheltenham so couldn't be bothered with postage and all that. hmph! a local buyer would be preferable. advertising in mainland is shiite if you're stuck here. so...yes it's still for sale.

    and sitting looking at me from a corner of my room.

    "i'm sorry mate, i'm broke, you'll have to go!"

    so yes. for sale then.
  12. avatar what was left
    I've emailed him this link!
  13. avatar glzebub
    changed my mind there and wanted to keep it but currently its for sale again!

    for sale!