1. avatar bcthatsme
    Whats the story with this gifted night? Anyone know how you might go about getting added to the line up for this? Sounds interesting...
  2. avatar Osama Bin Rockin'
    You need to be good, and have a steady crowd - and then either Paul or Jason has to approve you... if you go down to the Gifted nights and leave a demo with Jason (pointy beard, glasses) he'll check you out and let you know.
  3. avatar bcthatsme
    Thanks for that dude, I'll look into that. Osama Bin Rockin eh? Wish I'd thought of that one......
  4. avatar TalkShowMan
    Alternatively, you can find Gifted at www.myspace.com/giftedempire . Come and be their friend, and if you have any music on your page then they can jump straight to it and check it out. You can also speak to Paul McKay on the night (tall, long hair, glasses).
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  5. avatar Captain Kennedy
    Rory...theres a full stop at the end of that link. You might wanna edit it.
  6. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    Broken Family band playing Gifted on november 25th.

    Tickets go on sale from [url]http://www.ticketmaster.co.uk[/url] tomorrow.

    6 and half brick. Fvckin bargin.
  7. avatar bcthatsme
    I have made friends with them on myspace.... Not sure when I can make a night because we are Dublin based. Anyways, the tunes are there if someone would like to listen.... and here it is again:


    Cheers for the help dudes.....