1. avatar exportsimsie
    Check this out you bastards...:

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  2. avatar MarkNumskull
    Best poster iv ever seen in my life ever and will probably ever see, pitty its being used on us tho!
  3. avatar kagura
    Stop it now, you're making me blush :oops:
  4. avatar exportsimsie
    As stated in the last post. The drinks are on Mark.
  5. avatar Bones
    sex shows?
  6. avatar danbastard
    T'is a very good poster, pity the guy who designed it is a bastard! This'll be a messy night, three of the most wretched bands in N.I stuck into a room with a bar. Bring it on!
  7. avatar kagura

    [i:693e4c5b1e]Dan Bastard, Yesturday, Today[/i:693e4c5b1e]
  8. avatar danbastard

    [i:09df98b818]Jackson always dressed to kill when attending Lavery's bunker[/i:09df98b818]
  9. avatar Strong Reaction
    It looks like a mixture of Simsie and John Wayne Gacy.
  10. avatar kagura

    alright, you win!
  11. avatar exportsimsie

    me. getting ready to hit the town.
  12. avatar MarkNumskull
    Hahahahaha :lol:
  13. avatar danbastard
    Here's hoping that, like in Stornoway, Numskull have to sleep in that grotty alleyway behind Laverys.
  14. avatar MarkNumskull
    What do you mean grotty, it was like a five star hotel with shag pile carpets and a zacuzzi..............oh wait!!
  15. avatar danbastard
    Oh, I'll bet there was a shag-pile alright! Bastards!!!
  16. avatar MarkNumskull
    Hahaha, how very witty of you, but yes, me, sims, griswold, jamie and john all went for it, a beautiful sight, would bring a tear to even the most souless of people.
  17. avatar kagura
    did simsie wield a hairy boomstick and proclaim 'ahhhhhhhhh!' when he climaxed?
  18. avatar Baronation
    Either that or just screamed 'BOOM, FEAR ME!' a lot.
  19. avatar exportsimsie
    are yousaying that there's something wrong with either of those?

    6 days till three of the drunkest bands in belfast.. get drunk in belfast.
  20. avatar Bones
    ill drink to that!
  21. avatar *saz*
    can't wait for this - it's gonna be messy :D
  22. avatar danbastard
    Damn straight.
  23. avatar exportsimsie
    only a few days now till a large selection of idiots boom into town.
  24. avatar *saz*
    bumpty bump

    boompity boom

    fear me!
  25. avatar Andrew

    Well, it beats 'bump'.
  26. avatar exportsimsie
    Sweet jesus. Every time I see that photo, i'm about ready for suicide.
  27. avatar danbastard
    What, is it a photo of Davy Sim's swinging, pendulous bollocks?
  28. avatar Strong Reaction
    What, is it your ultimate sex dream?
  29. avatar *saz*
    i like catface's leg best.
  30. avatar Bones
    classic lineup, sexy photo.
  31. avatar Strong Reaction
    I want to know what Dan is looking at.
  32. avatar Andrew
    "JOHN" launching himself from the Auntie Annies bar, trousers down, wab out.
  33. avatar exportsimsie
    Tonight you bastards. boom.
  34. avatar whitetrash
    great show enjoyed all the bands =)
  35. avatar *saz*
    what a great show!! good times, good times etc. was really impressed with all the bands.

    and it was as messy as expected! hurrah!!
  36. avatar danbastard
    T'was a good gig indeed. Cheers Simsie!

  37. avatar T Entertainment
  38. avatar exportsimsie
    If Mark Numskulls night doesnt end up in him getting arrested for such things like building a tower in the middle of India Street or stealing milk at 5am, it means it wasn't a good night.