1. avatar battleofbelfast
    Posting this for a friend of mine:

    Talented bass player available. 2 years gigging experience and many more years playing experience. Has quality kit and is dedicated and willing to work. Influences mainly alternative rock eg muse, prophets, switchfoot, lifehouse, radiohead, however not limited to any particular genre. Finaghy based.

    Call Dan on 07731359742
    or email mycomputerisonfire@hotmail.com.

  2. avatar DanCorbett
    Hey all, Mitch posted this for me because my username wasnt given permission to post for a long time there.

    Let me know if you're interested in what I have to offer, and we'll get talking.

    Thanks a bunch,

  3. avatar culchiepunker
    hey man steer clear are interested
    what do u think? [url="http://www.steer-clear.tk"]CLICK HERE FOR STEER CLEAR SITE[/url]

    we're starting up now so perfect time to join!!
  4. avatar DanCorbett
    Just to let you know, I can also be contacted at dancorbett@hotmail.co.uk.


  5. avatar DanCorbett
    Who rang me tonight?

    got your voicemail tonight whoever you are, but it was crackly and I couldnt hear it properly.


  6. avatar DanCorbett
    Im still available, any takers?

  7. avatar TenaciousCree
    Why don't you just try advertising that you're starting a band?
  8. avatar Malek988
    07742348967 gimme a shout im getting a band going so far we have 2 guitarists
  9. avatar McCool13
    got 5 month gig in Turkey if u fancy it reply asap.
  10. avatar clss_act_00
    [quote:ab0463c368="McCool13"]got 5 month gig in Turkey if u fancy it reply asap.[/quote:ab0463c368]

    idiot, this is a 3 year old thread. And you could at least try to be a bit more original when repeating the same line over and over in various threads
  11. avatar SITH_creations
    christ just seen how old this thread was... editted cause of this!
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  12. avatar palrub
    i actually gotta text asking me to apply for thon 5 month turkey shindiggery. small world? didn't realise how old this thread is, anyways i've added original poster. boomboom
  13. avatar danjcorbett
    God save us,

    I also got an email from this freak-a-deek asking me to go to Turkey with him. Mad as a brush.

    The guy must want a horde of bass playing sex slaves.
  14. avatar NickB
    Hi my name is nick a singer/songwriter and guitar player with previous interest in songs from sony and emi. If interested ring or text Nick@ 07857173075.[/quote]
  15. avatar daveshorty
    interested in a pop punk rock band along the lines of the ramones/groovie ghoulies/guttermouth etc?
  16. avatar The Donk
    you people are all mad.
  17. avatar punkusha
    am female vocalist. I am trying to form a band, we have a drummer, 2 guitarists and we need a bassist.
    We would play rock, light rock songs. Belfast city centre. We really need dedicated person, to creat something very original.