1. avatar Pete

    [url="http://www.ehx.com/ehx2/Default.asp?q=f&f=%2FCatalog%2F02%5FHome%5FStudio%5FPerformance%5FProducts%2F04%5FBlack%5FFinger"]Electroharmonix Blackfinger[/url] tube compressor. Uses two preamp tubes to give warm analogue compression and also capable of a nice crunch overdrive.

    Makes a nice front end for recording bass and guitar as well as a very effective pedal for live use.

    Comes with the power supply. Retails for £159, I'm only looking £70 for it.


  2. avatar DanCorbett
    Wish I had £70 - I'd buy it off you right now.

  3. avatar glzebub
    My first post!
    i'd be pretty up for that morph, christmas has been harsh on funds so in a couple of weeks...
  4. avatar Pete
    No probs, still sitting here in front of me. I'll hold it for you!
  5. avatar glzebub
    when you say it can give a nice overdrive what we talkin here? like the sound of the volume on the clean channel on a valve amp being wound up kinda thing?
  6. avatar Pete
    Yes, but I only ever used it on bass so I can't comment what it would sound like as a guitar drive. It gives the sound of a valve amp that is starting to break so definitely a drive rather than a distortion.

    Mainly I used it as a compressor for my electric upright bass... it also added a bit of "warmth" to the sometimes harsh sound of its piezo pickups.
  7. avatar Pete
    Still up for grabs if anyone is interested in trying it out
  8. avatar Le Sac Magique
    i'm currently using two dealy pedals together, can't really explain what kind of sound it make but it's pretty orgasmic. anyway, as you can imagine this causes all sorts ofvolume problems. will this thing help me? and would it remove any feedback etc (cos funny as it sounds i dont want it to)
  9. avatar Pete
    I would imagine the huge difference in dynamics created by the pedals feeding into each other would be outside of what you would really want to do with a compressor. It may even them out at extreme settings but it will most likely kill the tone.

    This is a compressor designed to almost act as a valve preamp to enhance/warm up your tone while controlling things like picking dynamics and sustain...
    so I think its a bit of overkill to use it for extreme settings. A more traditional pedal compressor/limiter (like the boss one which would be half the price) would be a better bet if you still wanted to even things out.

    The only compressor I ever used that stayed musical at extreme ratios was in a friends studio, the Empirical Labs Distressor... it costs over £1000!!
  10. avatar Pete
    Volume pedal (after the effects chain)?? Picking dynamics?

    That kind of effect can sound great so stick at it. Edited by: morphsville at: 9/1/05 8:56 pm
  11. avatar Le Sac Magique
    so i'm pretty fooked then. @#%$
  12. avatar Le Sac Magique
    im actually getting a volume pedal quite soon, have one but it's pretty buggered. that still won't revolve my problem tho, unless i buy two, cos i need it for swells primarily just cos its too awkward using the volume control, and if i put it after the delays it will mess things up cos i want the swell sounds to be delayed. did i mention that i love delay?

    funny thing is i've actually got a cs -2 but it messed up my sound somewhat. i'm probably just gonna get a decent rack compressor and just put the mic thru it and let the amp go crazy, cos it's a peavey bandit (the old ones, classic) with a mesa boogie reverb tank in it that's way bigger than the original, so you can imagine the effect that makes. check you ez inbox cos i gotta ask a few quiestions about my recording problem. Edited by: Le Sac Magique at: 9/1/05 9:46 pm
  13. avatar Pete
    Is this a follow up to the first question you asked a while back? I did reply to the first one didn't I? Or did I dream it?
  14. avatar Le Sac Magique
    sure is, it's loan time so i actually have to make an effort to resolve my problem before i drink myself to an early grave.
  15. avatar EPK
    If it's still going I wouldn't mind a go...
  16. avatar Pete
    Eamonn I still have it. I will be up at Jon's (from Bairds) house either tomorrow or Tuesday evening so I can drop it in to you for a road test if you like?
  17. avatar Pete
    Last call on this. I'll drop the price to £60 for a couple more days and then I'll just ebay it.

    Eamonn, you still intetested in me dropping it round for a demo??
  18. avatar EPK
    Yes, Pete...forgot to check this!!!!!!
    Please bring 'er up.
  19. avatar russellmatbouli
    I sent you an email about this the other day - let me know if Eamonn doesn't buy it off you.

  20. avatar Pete
    Eamonn has had it over the weekend for a trial session, but I'll let you know what happens.
  21. avatar russellmatbouli
    Okay, cheers! I take it he bought it then?
  22. avatar EPK
    Yes, i'm hanging on to it, Russell..great overdrive.