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    Katy Daly's & The Limelight (submitted by [url=""]Rich9[/url])
    17 Ormeau Avenue, Belfast BT2
    contact: David Neely (028)
    9032 5942
    capacity: c140

    Katy's allow bands to hire the venue most week nights, though booking well
    in advance is advised, and they usually require a demo before they'll give a
    band their first gig in the venue.

    The deal is: the band takes a cover charge, normally £2-3. As the bar is
    open all the time its advisable to get the 'door' open as early as is
    reasonable to ensure you can charge as many people as possible, so covering
    costs and making a few quid on top. DO NOT hassle those already in the bar
    for money.

    The venue normally provides a sound person, you pay this person (currently
    £30) for their services. Bear in mind that whilst the PA is adequate you may
    need to augment it with monitors at your own discretion and expense.

    It’s a real pain in the ass to get set up and sound checked at KDs so be
    there as early as possible, and tell the sound person what time you’ll be

    If you provide them with a nice wee one page press release a couple of weeks
    before the gig they'll put it out with their regular press stuff; of course
    doing your own posters and flyers is a good idea.

    An open mic/singer songwriter night happens most Wednesdays. Its free in,
    you play for about 20mins, they might give you a pint. They don't really
    encourage full bands to play, mainly just acoustic stuff.

    The Limelight is also available for hire, the cost is negotiable depending
    on what you need, sound, lights etc, and you have to pay for the bouncers.
    Only recommended if you know you're going to get 300-500 punters through the
    door, a) to cover costs, b) so the place doesn't look @#%$ and empty.


    Auntie Annies (submitted by [url=""]Rich9[/url])
    Dublin Road, Belfast
    Contact: Darren 028 9050 1660
    Capacity: c230 (?)

    Auntie Annies is a nice venue to do a gig, a CD launch, a party or whatever,
    it has good sounds, is relatively comfortable, and unless they've had a
    delivery of Mrs Hampton's Special Vomit Vapouriser, there's a wee room out
    the back often known as 'the dressing room' that you can lounge in.

    They will hire their upstairs room to you, for a fee depending on what you
    are doing. A good but basic PA is provided, which you may augment with other
    items as necessary, at your own expense. The venue normally provides a sound
    person, you pay this person (currently £30) for their services.

    Again you take the door, and charge what you feel you will get.

    The venue will add your press release to their mail-out, so get it to them
    on one page, as early as possible. Funnily enough, posters are a must.

    Be there as early as possible, to get the doors open at nine, it should take
    no longer than 2-3 hours to sound check 2 or 3 bands. Bring some CDs, the
    venue will lend you a CD player, don’t have the punters sitting in silence
    between bands, particularly before the crowd has built up.


    Morrisons (submitted by [url=""]Rich9[/url])
    Bedford St, Belfast
    Contact: Chris 02890 248458
    Capacity: c300

    Not bad venue, but you have to sort out your own PA and sound person.
    That’s it really, they won’t really help you with anything, so you are on
    your own.

    You take the door money, charge what you think you can get.

    Again get the bands, PA and backline there as early as possible so you can
    have sound checks finished before 9pm. They normally start kicking everyone
    out around 1.00am.


    The Empire Music Hall (submitted by [url=""]Rich9[/url])
    Contact Gerry Sheppard
    90299845 / 90299846

    The Empire: you can hire it, put on a big gig, have it sound and look good,
    and have the punters coming out happy.

    Arguably the best live music venue in Belfast - The Empire Music Hall used
    to be a church but was refurbished as a period vaudeville theatre (capacity
    - ooh about 500+) It's not generally open to the public - the owners hire it
    for specific events.
    There's a large stage, and very large high quality
    PA/desk/monitors/lighting rig, and usually two house sound staff.

    The owners charge c£450 for the hire of the venue, and c£80 for the use of
    the PA/soundman for the night. However, Shep has a "special relationship"
    with the owners and can make arrangements depending on what you intend to do
    on the night.

    If ewe think you can pull well over 100 people to your gig,
    and want to put
    on a bit of a "special" show, this venue is the one for you! However it will
    probably be a costly affair unless you can
    get over 150/200 folk in there.

    The Empire basement is also available for gigs but is a low-key, small
    stage/PA affair, usually used for small covers/tribute bands and the like
    (ie a pair of auld men in their 50s with a couple of geetars and a keyboard
    backing from the Argos catalogue). However the downstairs bar usually tends
    to be packed as it is the one always open to the general public. Ewe'll
    see vast crowds of boozy office werkers gaily singing along to
    dreadful versions of U2's "one" or Oasis or sthg.

    Also contact Shep for belfest & digital T festivals.


    University of Ulster Students Union (submitted by [url=""]Rich9[/url])
    Contact John Henry 90865992

    Sorry i know nought about this place :(


    QUB Student's Union (submitted by [url=""]Rich9[/url])
    Contact Rod Martin 90324803

    They throw gigs here occasionally in the Speakeasy, and of course there's
    the infamous Rag Battle of the Bands. Best to leave you demo in here, and
    see what happens. You will normally either be paid or be given copious
    amounts of beer tokens.


    Rosetta Bar (submitted by [url=""]Rich9[/url])

    Contact Andy Allen 028 90649297 and Alan Burns, who books the gigs: 07801

    This venue is pretty damn big, with an excellent PA and lighting system. It
    is a bit out of the city centre, however for a loyal crowd, a bus up the
    Ormeau Road isn't that hard to find. The venue has a reputation for mainly
    'metal' gigs, but it shouldn't be overlooked if you need to present a
    professional looking and sounding gig.

    AFAIK the deal varies depending what you want to do, and how much you charge
    in, but the venue is normally happy to help things along with a drinks
    promotion or two, as well as a bit of press and postering support were

    They'll also help you with a sound person who'll need to be paid, they'll
    also expect bands and their backlines to be there early to do a fairly
    comprehensive sound check.


    The Front Page (submitted by [url=""]AndrewGriswold[/url])

    106-110 Donegall Street, Belfast BT1 2GX
    Tel 028 9032 4269

    For bookings/hire contact Iain Pulford (ex-Ooops! drummer) on 028 9048 2320 (home) or 07759 792 346 (mobile)

    Capacity: 200-ish

    PA, desk & mics provided & operated by Iain himself.

    This insalubrious den of wretchedness is available for bookings/hire primarily on Wednesdays. Iain runs a 'new bands nite' there every week and will book pretty much anyone. However, if you f*ck with his equipment (eg Smut;)
    ) or f*ck with the toilets (eg Suki;)
    ), chances are he'll be a tad reluctant to have you back! It's usually £2 in and whatever comes through the door gets split up between Iain and the bands. Also, Iain is open to 'hiring' the bar out to bands under certain circumstances, allowing you to book the full bill yourself and collect & distribute the door money in whatever way you see fit. We've done this a few times, always to rockin' results.


    The Menagerie (submitted by [url=""]fastfude[/url])
    contact Chris roddy - themenageriebar@hotmail.com


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