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    My first post!
    A couple of notes to get started.

    1. (submitted by [url=""]Rich9[/url])
    Most of these venues book at least two or three months in advance so
    plan ahead. If you’re looking for a support slot call the venues, most will
    tell you who they’ve booked and maybe give you the band’s/promoter’s number,
    this is the easiest way to get one. As long as the band you wanna support
    doesn’t hate you.

    2. (submitted by [url=""]Rich9[/url])
    Guest Lists. Don’t have one, let your girl/boy friend in for free,
    then make them do the door. If press/media specifically respond to a press
    release, put them on the list, but maybe grill them little to make sure its
    worth your while as well as theirs.
    (Make sure whoever is on the door knows what these people look like)

    3. (submitted by [url=""]Rich9[/url])
    Don’t rely on your mates coming to every gig. Work on building a
    buzz about the band and the gig. Playing to your mates every week is
    depressing and kinda defeats the purpose. Unless of course your mates bring
    all their friends ...yadda..yadda..yadda...

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    Don’t @#%$ off the venues, they just want to make money, so should

    5. (submitted by [url=""]Rich9[/url])
    Make sure the backline, PA, bands are there as early as possible so
    you can sound check before the punters starting coming in.

    6. (submitted by [url=""]Rich9[/url])
    Marketing executives rule the world

    If you are promoting a gig, package and present it well, make it worth

    7. (submitted by [url=""]Rich9[/url])
    Don’t vomit on the bar staff.

    8. (submitted by [url=""]fastfude[/url])

    NEVER Pay To Play
    If a venue wants money to let your band play, turn around and walk out the door. There are plenty of venues in NI that'll gladly let you play for free. If there's a club night on and the promoter's asked you to play, chances are, you'll
    get paid. Venues make their cash from beer sales, and your gig will draw more people to their bar, so they've no excuse for asking you to subsidise them.

    If you're organising a club night in a bigger venue, there may be a deposit or hiring fee for the club, staff and bouncers and so on. MAKE SURE YOU GET A RECEIPT! Make sure it's on headed notepaper and signed by a senior member of staff, preferably the manager. If the gig falls through and you want your deposit back, you'll need hard evidence to prove you paid it in the first place.

    Visit [url="http://www.nimusic.com/nimusicguides/gigging.htm"]nimusic.com[/url] for more general notes.

    Also see the [url="http://www.musicians-union.org.uk/faq/"]Musician's Union FAQs[/url] for more tips... Edited by: fastfude at: 6/8/01 5:32:46 pm