1. avatar ALAN78
    Hi everyone me again.
    Got a few replys from my last ad although none panned out.
    So I am still a ex drummer/singer/3 chord acoustic guitar player looking for a home.

    As I said before will play anything just so long as i can gig. No transport and nowhere to practice. I am a bit rusty on the drums as I havent played them in ages but I am sure it wont be too long before I am bac in the zone.

    I am 25 from belfast. Open to anything, will sing if need be but would rather have a crack at the drums again.

    If you are desperate for a drummer ( and you cant get anyone better) or just want to start a band from scratch then lmme know.[mail]alan.lafferty@msn.com[/mail]
  2. avatar ALAN78
    sorry wrong email address
  3. avatar The Metal Martyr
    If u wanna start a band man and don''t mind hard rock/ metal sorta tunes then let me know I e-mailed you about it before un-less you don't wanna know.
  4. avatar reub the rocker
    hi me and my pal have recently started writing a few songs and recording we,re both 25 too check out our ad for alt/rock indie band in newtownabbey on first page of classifieds if it sounds cool gis a shout