1. avatar spirit of division
    Okay......was selling this amp before but opted out cuz I didnt really need to but now I've got my eyes on a new bass....

    [b]Fender Roc Pro 700[/b] - classic amp, great sound and generlly great, especailly for the price. I got it off Michael from the Killing Spree so some of you may have heard it. I've rarely used it and when I did it was in the house and relatively low......though even at level 1/2 it can be pretty loud. I found this site - [url="http://www.marcsweb.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/ffaceses.html"]here[/url] - selling it for 350 which is extortioante! But I found another - [url="http://www.area51mailorder.demon.co.uk/fender_amps.htm"]here[/url] - selling it for 399! I'll settle for a lot less.....seen it cheaper in europe type places though.....rip off britain?

    Ibanez GAX 70[/b] - this is a budget Ibanez as far as I know...do some searching and you'll find lotsa info on it and good reviews. It's cheap and affordable but still a good guitar. Think it cost me 150 or so about a year ago or more. Rarely used and still mint as far as I recall. Here's a pic (though mine is right handed unlike this left handed image!)
    "The most demanded affordable axe in Ibanez' history, the GAX70, was made for music now, not music then. The crystal cut, double cutaway body is crafted of agathis, a wood similar in look to mahogany, but more similar in tone alder."

    I'm open to offers and would prefer to sell them together but I'd probably part with them individually too......bass needs and all that.....
    mail me thesonicdeathmonkey@hotmail.com
    or post back here.....
  2. avatar spirit of division
    amp - 150 sterling
    guitar - 130 sterling with a soft guitar case
  3. avatar spirit of division
    anyone? I'll haggle.....a bit.....
  4. avatar Wasp Boy
    Hows the amp sounding at present?

    Thinkin' about getting an amp to go with my guitar. Could be a while before I can afford it, so sell away you naughty man....
  5. avatar spirit of division
    i sounds great. wouldnt sell it but i want a new, good, working bass that'll last an awfully long time......none of this squire @#%$......though that's probably still better than the stagg i have at present :/
  6. avatar culchiepunker
    i might buy the guitar, just got myself a telecaster but this guitar looks sweet, don't know much about ibanez guitars are they any good like?

    £130 sounds class like
  7. avatar spirit of division
    I like it - wouild be better with better pick ups but the body is great as far as i can tel....am no guitar genius....
    I think Hornby from some days better used one but he may have replaced the pick ups. It's well balanced, nice action and i'm led to believe it's a good al round guitar. Tis great for the price......do a search for it on the net - you'll probably come up with a ton of reviews.
  8. avatar spirit of division
    anyone? am i gonna have to scrap to the depths of cash converters?
  9. avatar spirit of division
    well didnt scrap to th depths of cash converters cuz I got a pay increase but still looking to sell these......