1. avatar DanCorbett
    To complete line-up in versatile band.

    We shall be composing original material which shall consist of genres such as: prog rock/metal,improv,experiemental,& ambience.

    Some of our influences include:rush,muse,dream theater,mars volta,the gathering & much much more.We're open to pretty much anything.

    We need a guitarist who is able to committ & is serious about having a future with this band.It would also be prefared if they have an understanding of time signatures/theory & an ability to improvise.


    Dave: mr.boden@bluebottle.com

    Dan: mycomputerisonfire@hotmail.com


    Rehearsals will probably be somewhere like electric studios on the grosvoner rd & we also ask that those interested are prepared to contribute to rental costs.Roughly £15-20 for 3-4 hours
  2. avatar dazcraig
    mycomputerisonfire would be a hell of a name for a riff-repeating hardcore band.

    Influences include This Computer Kills, Please Inform The Captain This Is A Hijack, Blood Brothers, Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower, Black Eyes, Liars, etc.

    I'm not a great guitarist, but would love to do something along these lines.

    Ta. xo.
  3. avatar DanCorbett
    Any other offers before we start moving on this?

  4. avatar Seulement encore
    This would bve pretty cool to hear.
  5. avatar DanCorbett
    How do you mean?

  6. avatar Seulement encore
    [quote] How do you mean?[/quote]

    Cos you're looking to put together a progressive band instead of the usual punk / indie.
    If you were looking to have a Rush DT kind of group it'd be extremely hard work to master time signature changes smoothly.

    Unfortunately, I really don't think that this type of band would be popular in Northern Ireland.
    Most gig goers like to hear something straight-foward and they don't appreciate music that's technical.


    It's a shame as these kinds of bands are big in other countries such as Japan, France and USA.
    I think it happens because most of the crowd are non-musicians and find well thought out instrumentation boring.
  7. avatar dazcraig
    [quote]Most gig goers like to hear something straight-foward and they don't appreciate music that's technical.[/quote]

    I dunno... The likes of Tracer AMC are very popular.

    If its done right, I think they could do well.
  8. avatar gavinearly
    [quote]if they have an understanding of time signatures/theory[/quote] - good luck Edited by: gavinearly at: 4/1/05 10:02 am
  9. avatar gregoriavitch
    My first post!
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    i never said that.

    mail for you sire Edited by: gregoriavitch at: 5/1/05 12:33 pm
  10. avatar Wasp Boy
    Good luck. We had a blast messing with prog in This Kiss Kills.

    Looking forward to hearing you.
  11. avatar gary gates
    yo yo yo mo fo. I've been a guitarist for almost 17 years' since i was 8, i write music in many different styles and i play a whole range of other instruments which include electric guitar, drums, mandolin, bass, harmonica, bouzouki, mandola all to a reasonable level (except for the guitars, im pretty @#%$ hot on those babies :evil
    ) and all i want to say is Don't listen to those remedial defeatists.

    Let them follow every other band down the slippery slope of unoriginals. Do what you believe is right

    And for what its worth, as long as you don't have a restrictive drummer, i think you might be on to something.

    Good luck
  12. avatar MIKE G J ANDREWS
    My first post!
    you can't beat a bit of prog but technical for the sake of technical is just silly.innit?
  13. avatar DanCorbett
    Hey man, sent you a mail to the address you mailed me from, but I got an auto reply.

    You still up for it?