1. avatar TrapezeFreak
    My first post!
    Hi guys, I'm selling my bass. If you or anyone you know are interested phone my on 07732978383 or reply to this email, cheers. (or fwd this post to your friends etc.)

    Its an Epiphone EBO SG bass, cherry red with black scratch plate (email for a pic attached) It has a second pickup (EMG) custom fitted at the bridge with separate volume and tone controls and also a selector switch (to alternate between pickups). The bass itself is in immaculate condition and practically brand new as it hasnt been played enough. I'm asking for £200 ONO
    and will include with it a hard travel case, straps and a Korg tuner. If you have any questions drop me a line.

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  3. avatar TrapezeFreak
    email me for a pic,....cant work dis feckin thing out as to how to post it up here! doh! :rolleyes