1. avatar A Thing That Grows
    Need cymbals so we can start gigging.
    A good hi-hat would be great too. Preferably Zildjan or Paiste, but anything good will do.

  2. avatar spaniel
    My first post!
    Paiste 2002 14" China, no cracks or dents, great condition £50
    Zildjian K 14" China, as new £50
  3. avatar debondrums
    To answer your christmas wish.........
    Paiste 20 inch alpha ride, 13 inch alpha hihats 18inch alpha crash and 14 inch alpha crash, all for £160 quid!!!!!! or, mail me a number and I can call you with individual prices. P.s I have loads of stuff to sell off at silly prices, before the bird kills me for fillin the house with drums. Mail me with any requirements, an I'll see wot I can do.
    Cheers, Craig :smokin
  4. avatar the scarred
    debondrums, what have you in the way of snares?
  5. avatar hairsweatandtattoos
    i need a 19" - 20" crash preferably.if you could help that would be amazing.
  6. avatar debondrums
    sorry bout the late reply. P.c
    in werk wouldn't let me post! There's a few snares at the moment, couple of ludwigs, one 1970's juggs snare, some weird ass custom brass snare, and a mint condition chad smith snare. All in top condition, mail me at drumgear@o2mail.co.uk fer prices. Also have a nice premier kit going, dark purple xpk with RIMS mount upgrades to the rack toms. As reguards the cymbals, any particular make required?

    Sees yas,
  7. avatar hairsweatandtattoos
    zildjian,at the moment a custom,or z custom.any othersfall to bits.let me know