1. avatar rudedoodle
    My first post!
    Anyone know of any rooms going?

    This is a genuine request not a 'argh one day at home and I'm going mental' Christmas breakdown.

    I'm looking for Stranmillis ideally, not overly expensive as I don't earn too much, and somewhere with quiet people.
    Possible? Edited by: rudedoodle at: 26/12/04 3:16 pm
  2. avatar Andrew
    Mully has a grub closet up for grabs.
  3. avatar seajay122
    india street towers doesnt *exactly* count as quiet tho!

    can't think why i get that impression, oh wait now i remember
  4. avatar ssmcmullan
    Hey Jackson, India St is fairly quiet, if you don't count the spides coming out of Dukes at 3am every morning, the spides who try to kick down the door, the wretches who call around bolloxed at 4am. Anyways Liam Evangelists is moving in in Janurary. I must be asking for trouble, bad things always happen to him, this is sure to rub off on me.
  5. avatar The Only Ronster
    Doodle - give me a shout. I have a room going in m flat for about £190 p/m. I'm thinking of moving but I might stay here if someone wanted to move in.

    My flat is NICE.
  6. avatar ssmcmullan
    Ron's flat is really cool, especially his Elaborate home cinema which he "obtained" whilst dealing drugs.
  7. avatar The Only Ronster
    Cheers for that Mully. I'll have that brick of weed ready by saturday for you.
  8. avatar ssmcmullan
    Damnit, I said heroin you moron!
  9. avatar rudedoodle
    Nice one! I'll be in touch!