1. avatar exmagician
    My first post!
    Keyboardist needed by Belfast-based indie band for gigs across the UK and Ireland. Moderate experience/training required.
    Pavement/Super Furry Animals/Beta Band/Flaming Lips/Beck/Shins
    [url="http://www.the-embers.co.uk"]check us out[/url] Edited by: exmagician at: 13/12/04 1:04 pm
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    the shins are listed above as one of our influences, so yes, we have listened to them. do you mean to say you think we sound like them? well, that's nice. we did however sound like that before we heard them, honest guv. Edited by: exmagician at: 13/12/04 1:05 pm
  3. avatar greensleevesisgod
    Just heard your stuff... You guys ever listen to the shins? If not..don't, you'll hit yourselves. :eek
  4. avatar exmagician
    just a bump.
    come on, don't tell me there's no ivory-tinklers out there among you. ability to sing and experience of sampling/sequencing etc is also welcome. so it is.

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