1. avatar The Only Ronster
    My first post!
    I'm looking to move at the minute from my flat in Wellington Park to a NICE place, basically anywhere in Belfast, but preferably Lisburn Road, Upper Ormeau or East Belfast. I need something like a whole house essentially, with preferably 3 bedrooms, 2 regular and 1 large for the shitloads of stuff I have to come with me.

    Really what I am looking for is someone who would be interested in moving in with me, as my current flatmate has just informed me that he is moving back to his parents, the wuss that he is.

    I would hope to find somewhere for about £500 p/m and split
    that. I'm really pretty easy to get along with, and there are certain benefits to living with me, as most of my friends will attest. No - I'm not a drug dealer before anyone asks. I can't really live with anyone who would insist on smoking in the house, or at least outside their bedroom - just couldn't do it, sorry.

    At best the person who moves in will be some sort of professional type. Not bothered male or female. Be nice to live with someone who is able to tidy up after themselves though.

    I am a 26 year old , thoroughly lovely bloke and I want to move as soon as possible.