1. avatar Mikeymoko

    Northbound Seeker are still trying to recruit a second guitarist cos we'vre got gigs planned for January and we need to get someone in asap. We're based in the Belfast area.

    check our website for info on influences/mp3s etc etc

    Preferably we want someone within the 20-29 age gap who wants to have good craic, good beer, play a whack of live shows (including a trip to England/Scotland next year) and belt out some quality tunes.

    Spoonheads need not apply!! (Party on Garth)

    contact Mike 07870620567 or email our band addy info@northboundseeker.com


  2. avatar Mikeymoko
  3. avatar what was left
    What's the criteria? I know of one very talented guitarist who auditioned and was rejected.
  4. avatar Stu Bass
    My first post!
    Who's this talented individual you speak of??
    We've tried out a few guys and most have been very impressive when it comes to playing but just haven't been right for the band. Still a few guys to come and then a decision will be made shortly.
    Watch this space.
  5. avatar Mikeymoko

    still recruiting. We're really looking for someone to get into the band asap cos we've got up to 4/5 gigs over the next 6weeks already organised...

    as Stu says, we've got a few others still to go through as it's hard gettin any free time in the run up to Xmas, but no-one so far has jumped up and bit us in the nads

    as for the criteria- we've got nowt. We just want someone in who is willing to play a mix of rhythm and lead, hopefully contribute a few tunes, gig almost straightaway, and be committed enough to be able to do up to 3 practices a week in Belfast.

    influences etc. are on our website, but as a band these are very diverse cos we have a broad range of interests which covers 60s RnB, 70s punk, 80s indie, 90s rock up to present days outfits such as the Strokes, Kings Of Leon, Ash, The Killers, White Stripes (you get the general idea...).

  6. avatar Mikeymoko