1. avatar kingbowski
    Hi there,

    Iago are now on the outlook for a new drummer. We seek someone who is dedicated to practising and gigging as much as possible, and who, like us, will gig anywhere and everywhere.

    We are basically based in Lisburn, though are now looking for a new rehearsal room in Belfast most likely.

    Bands we are inspired by are Queens Of The Stone Age, Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, Pink Floyd, Alice in Chains, Tool, Pearl Jam, Kyuss and many more.

    For info about the band check out our website, www.iagoband.com

    Please contact Bowski at bowski@iagoband.com

    Bowski (bass)
    www.iagoband.com Edited by: kingbowski at: 20/12/04 1:02 pm
  2. avatar ALAN78
    you were supposed to send me a tape of your stuff but you didnt. You not interested no more I take it.
  3. avatar kingbowski
    Hi Alan,

    sorry about that. I sent a few out and meant to send you one too but forgot/ran outta time.

    I shall get one out to you as soon as possible. Prob be Monday. You e-mailed me your address, yeah?

  4. avatar ALAN78
    i sure did