1. avatar batgranny
    For all your silent drum practice needs! free standing fold uppable (is that a real word?) frame and 5 pads in all the right places (2 tom pads, kick pad, snare or floor tom pad, hi hat pad).
    Comes with a nice sturdy foot pedal too, and in great nick, hardly ever used.
    40 of your finest.

    batgranny@lycos.co.uk Edited by: batgranny at: 18/12/04 11:14 pm
  2. avatar batgranny
    Oh and heres a pic:

  3. avatar batgranny
    OK then, £25 for a quick sale?
  4. avatar ssmcmullan
    I'll take it. email ssmcmullan@hotmail.com
  5. avatar dazcraig
    boo, I would have taken it.

    Nice one Mully.
  6. avatar batgranny