1. avatar Wasp Boy
    Anybody know any reasonably priced and reliable repair men who are good with the electrics on old bass amps?

    It's a 120watt 2x12" 1970's Yamaha combo, with a detachable head which slides from the housing. The head has developed some sort of problem, causing the signal to cut in and out in most erratic manner. The speakers themselves are fine as I have tested them with a seperate head.

    The only work I've ever had done on my equipment was by Bill Murphy who operated out of Session, so if anyone knows anyone else, or if any of you are a dab hand with electronics, let me know. It would be greatly appreciated.

  2. avatar what was left
    Evans Musical in Lisburn has seen me right in the past. Ask for Ian, he's the repair man. He's reasonably priced (other than parts, you can get away with 40 Mayfair blue).

    It may take a week or two though, they're relaxed people.

    Hope this helps.


  3. avatar yin pot shayyinyeeyi
    Byrd's on York Street

    Charged me £70 to fix (excuse my lack of technical jargon)
    'something' that was blowing the fuses on a 100watt torque.

    Don't know if you would consider that to be reasonably priced or not, but that was a while ago and it's been through much abuse since and it's still working.

    I've found that some places charge you a bargain price and then the damn thing breaks down on you after a week. (that's not aimed at Evan's by the way)

    You'll be waiting a week maybe although that may be different in the Christmas period.
  4. avatar rahamilton
    My first post!
    Hi. I'm a T.V. Technician who has been known to fix the odd amp and guitar over the years. My shop is on the Castlereagh Road in Belfast - give me a ring if it's local to you.


    02890 459744
  5. avatar Wasp Boy
    Thanks a lot. I live pretty close.

    Will call you at the weekend.