1. avatar Tom McShane
    My first post!
    My band is in need of a bass player. In an ideal world I'd like someone who can play double bass, but that isn't a prerequisite for applicants. Our drummer has expressed an aversion to 'spoonjobs' though, so keep that in mind.

    Information on what we're all about can be found [url="http://www.tommcshane.co.uk"]here[/url]. if you are interested please email me here: songs_are_sad@hotmail.com

    remember, spoonjobs need not apply.

    Many thanks,

  2. avatar zebulon
    I am a spoon, yet I am unemployed, which would make me a spoonnojob.
    Does this mean I am eligible?
  3. avatar what was left
    What exactly is a "spoonjob"? I would be interested in the job but I fear I may be afflicted with spoonjobism. Please clarify?


  4. avatar what was left

    Spoonjob; to ream fellow inmate's anus before proceeding too butt @#%$.

    Your drummer doth protest too much, I believe!
  5. avatar eskimos
    That's disgusting, and, from what I remember of the Ballymena playground where I first encountered the term, etymologically unsound.

    Need not apply!
  6. avatar what was left
    Or...Spoonjob; someone not fully capable, hence needing help, spoonfed etc.

    UrbanDictionary.com needs to get it's head out of the gutter!

  7. avatar what was left
  8. avatar DanCorbett
    Have a wee duke at my post a few topics down this page if you please, and get in contact with me if youre interested. My contact details are there.