1. avatar McNeillR
    My first post!
    Was meant to be coming back home for this but I've examage on the Monday

    £30 for them including first class, recorded delivery.

    Reply, PM or e-mail: mcneillr@gmail.com

    Can take PayPal as well as the usual methods. Edited by: McNeillR at: 30/11/04 9:34 pm
  2. avatar father gapon
    would ya take 25 quid for them?
  3. avatar Peter Ferry
    where they not free originally?? Isit not part of the tennents thing?

  4. avatar McNeillR
    25 quid is fine, if you can e-mail me [ mcneillr@gmail.com ] we can get something sorted, your inbox thing doesn't work.
  5. avatar Peter Ferry
    Yeah 25 quid would be fine for tickets you got free!!!!!

    Quite a conincidence that you cant go that day isnt it??

  6. avatar McNeillR
    Didn't realise the whole thing was free, thought it was only a small number of tickets. Friends entered a few times and managed to get a pair, thought they'd bought the other two or something. I offered to flog them seeing as I won't be back.

    If anyone actually just wants them then, they can have them if Father Gapon doesn't sling me his address by Thursday afternoon.
  7. avatar father gapon
    hi mate, sorry, i cant make the gig anyway now cos i have to go to england on friday morning and wont be back late until sunday nite, by the time i got there the zutons would be finished! @#%$ one.