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    My first post!

    ****THIS IS NOW SOLD*****

    Ashdown ABM 500, 1x15 inch speaker, Combo amp. Excellent condition.


    7 band EQ
    EQ in/out switch
    Clean/Grind blend switch
    DI out
    Tuner mute switch
    Active/Passive inputs
    Ashdown’s unique Sub-Harmoniser switch – Gives an Octave doubling effect
    chic/retro VU meter

    This is the original Klystron series. That's the first series of amps Ashdown produced, they're now called EVO, same as this one but now more pricey. 500 watts of pure Ashdown, cost £1200 when new. This model is approx 3 years old. Can email pics if ness.
    It also comes with a PVC amp cover.

    Can be viewed/demonstrated at our rehearsal room.

    £575 ono

    Tel. 07989 953 508 / 028 9087 3947
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