1. avatar gary gates
    I have my first gig in 18 months at the Pavillion on Sat 18 of this month. My style is sweet and acoustic. Even though im looking elsewhere, i thought i might stick a wee post up here just in case.

    Its simple..Its only one one song youll be needed for, and you will not be singing harmonie but your own seperate part together ( a bit like Lenard cowan i suppose)

    NO TIME WASTERS PLEASE i want the song to sound good.

    I cant pay you but it would be a good/different night for yourselves.

    On my album it will be a small choir but i think 3 singers would be enough for a live performance.

    There will also be a bazooki player/mandola player/another backing singer and a harmonica But not all at the same time


    Email me if you are or know of someone who might be interested in this small but fun project
  2. avatar what was left
    Gary, check your in-box!