1. avatar TapeAndTippex
    My first post!
    i write and produce electronic music, and am trying to start a project in the vain of figurine/the postal service. beautiful lo-fi electronic pop.

    i want to network with people who LOVE music, and no less. performers, vocalists, whatever. drop me a mail if you care about making something decent and have some time to do it.

  2. avatar what was left
    I take it you need a bassplayer, or do you programme your bass parts via 303? I'm up for it.

    Email more details, like where you're from, what age etc.


  3. avatar what was left
    Just checked your profile, I'm from Lisburn too, mail me and we'll try and sort something out!
  4. avatar TapeAndTippex
    check your inbox.
  5. avatar TapeAndTippex
    *presses button on the bump-o-matic*