1. avatar what was left
    22 yr old, big voiced female seeks accoustic based r n r band. Wide range of musical influences, from dry your eyes acc' ballads to all out rock n roll. Willing to share songwriting details, willing to practice once or twice a week, Belfast based, but willing to travel with-in reason.

    If interested leave details in "what was left's" in-box.


  2. avatar Seulement encore
    It's weird, cos your profile says your name's Conor.

    Anyways, do you mostly do acoustic stuff?
    I'm more into electric stuff, but acoustic is cool with me.
    Were you looking to join an already formed band or just have like one guitarist and yourself?
  3. avatar what was left
    Seulement Encore, I am Conor, my g/friend isn't on the FF board so I advertised on her behalf!

    To answer your question, Chrisy wants to sing original material, have a hand in writing and perform live. A full band would be preferable, but until there's enough material to warrant a full band, she's happy to write/record with who ever's good enough.

    I'll get her to email you.


  4. avatar Seulement encore
  5. avatar what was left
    Bump! Still looking!
  6. avatar what was left
  7. avatar be_bert
    hey this is Alberto, come and take a look at my profile and my web_site. i'm looking for a singer but what I have is drummer me as the main singer and have a base player, i'm still looking for a lead guitarist and piano, I can play some piano but u know what is like nothing like the pro .

    alberto ps.
    please send me an e-mail
  8. avatar master mercenary

    I am defo lookin for a female vocalist to work with, the stuff I have on myspace is quite electronic/rock kinda stuff but the songs work quite well acoustically too so if you wanted to jam and see how we sound together that would be cool. If not for Master Mercenary type music then maybe something else but I'm up for whatever.

    get back to me if you're interested

  9. avatar i_amannie_b
    [quote:5253148047="what was left"]Seulement Encore, I am Conor, my g/friend isn't on the FF board so I advertised on her behalf![/quote:5253148047]

    I'm doubting this already