1. avatar TonyKaluarachchi
    Rehearsal / Practice Studio for hire - full wheelchair access - Cliftonville Road, Belfast. Complete Gretsch Drumkit, two Marshall Guitar Combos, one Ampeg Combo [any instrument], one Acoustic Corporation Combo [any instrument], one Vox AC10 Guitar Combo, full PA plus microphones. Optional Recording facilities available.
    £10 per hour for trade union members and the unemployed. £15 an hour for others.
    Gear hire-out also available.
    Phone 028 90741942 or 07990500609.
  2. avatar damnright678
    My first post!
    u not think everyones gonna say their unemployed it they only have to pay 10? :hat
  3. avatar dazcraig
    Does student count as unemployed?
  4. avatar goatboy
    My first post!
    Does everyone in the band have to be unemployed? I reckon there are very few bands full of unemployed bums.
  5. avatar TonyKaluarachchi
    Is that what you do to take advantage of discounts meant for the underprivileged?
  6. avatar TonyKaluarachchi
    No, students aren't unemployed but if a member of the student's union, it being a trade-union, then it's the same rate as for unemployed people.