1. avatar KeithSL
    My first post!
    Selling purely due to financial needs as i would love to hold on to this amp

    75w 1x12" speaker
    2 channel footswitch (also compatible with Line6 shortboard)
    Built in tuner
    12 amp models (digital modelling technology as POD etc)
    4 programmable presets

    Condition perfect as new (never gigged or played in anger) with plastic dust cover and original matchetts reciept for warranty. bought 19th may.

    Cost £220 new, will take £180, no less

    email keith@shamhead.com

    i can deliver to anywhere in belfast for free

    [img]http://www.line6.com/spiderII/photos/spiderII_112lg.jpg[/img] Edited by: KeithSL at: 24/11/04 11:39 am
  2. avatar culchiepunker
    sold to the man in the black hat (ie. me)