1. avatar NoLeafClover7
    My first post!
    Experimental band looking for drummer.

    We're looking to play any type of music that isn't specific on genres, but has depth to the music, a meaning, weither its controversey, sarcasm or happyness, anything.

    We're also looking for a guitarist to play lead. The band has a guitarist (rhythm), bassist and vocalist, age group is 18 - 25 so far. You do not have to be a talented player, or an experienced player, if you can play your instrument enough to keep up with the rest of the band it'll do rightly.

    Belfast area.
  2. avatar ALAN78
    My first post!
    do you have anywhere to practice?
    do you intend doing covers or originals?
    What your influences?
  3. avatar NoLeafClover7
    Right now, to practise, no. That can be sorted when we actually get the band toghether.

    We are intending on originals, but we could do covers depending on what song it is and how well we can play it and so on, but mainly originals.

    Influences aren't really needed, this is experimental, not a carbon copy and we aren't planning on having the same sound as most other bands out there, but if you wanted to narrow it down, probably Metallica.
  4. avatar Seulement encore
    Are you going to be playing strictly metal or covering a variety of styles?

    I can play lead guitar........
    Well, it depends on where you're based.
    Is it going to be melodic experimental or choatic Dillinger Escape Plan experiment?

    Do you have a singer?
  5. avatar spirit of division
    [quote]Dillinger Escape Plan[/quote]

    @#%$ right!
  6. avatar NoLeafClover7
    I've now got a drummer but still working on the lead guitarist, the drummer knows one but I dontk now what will happen there.

    Experimental as in a band that isn't afraid to get into the depth of the songs written, each song has a meaning and the message comes through strongly (i.e. no vague lyrics that make no sense), a band that makes you think, the sound could go from acoustic to death metal within seconds, depends how we feel it fits.

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  7. avatar iamshameless
    My first post!
    so basically you want to be dream theater?
  8. avatar Seulement encore
    Dream Theater kick ass!
    I don't think any other band would want to try to be them, unless you're a Berkley graduate.

    If you form an experimental band you could find that no one's wanna goto see your shows cos you could be too out there, baby.
  9. avatar iamshameless
    oh i agree that dt rock and i also agree that theres a difference between "pushing boundaries" and being too avant garde, althought a little bit never did anyone any harm

    if you were prepared to work in the context of say, a song then i would be interested. I also play guitar btw