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    My first post!
    For sale:

    Epiphone Thunderbird bass, in fairly good condition. Very recently set up. New strings, perfect intonation, plays very well. Rock-tacular. See reviews [url="http://www.harmony-central.com/Bass/Data4/Epiphone/Thunderbird-01.html"]here[/url]. Also, padded case into which, with a wee bit of deftness, the t-bird fits. Both for about £200.

    Trace Elliot SMX dual compressor. Excellent compressor for bass, also usable for guitar etc. and recording. See [url="http://www.harmony-central.com/Effects/Data/Trace_Elliot/SMX_Dual_Compressor-01.html"]here[/url] for information and reviews. Excellent condition. Rarely used. With box and manual. *SOLD*

    Email sixtyminutesilence at hotmail dot com, or reply here.

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