1. avatar Bunnygrunt
    My first post!
    For the sold out Odyssey concert, February 25th. Tickets are standing.

    I can't tell you how much I don't want to part with these tickets, but I absolutely need the money more right now.

    They cost me £90 and that's all I'm selling them for. No profit being made here.

    email me: char@jee-zus.net

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  2. avatar tweale
    My first post!
    Yeah, I'll take them off your hands. If you wanna give me a ring on 07799 711511 (this is svlewis logged in in a different account by the way).. or email me on svlewis500@hotmail.com. Cheers!
  3. avatar River Runs Red
    If tweale there doesn't take 'em, my girlfriend will take 'em off your hands.

    Email her at: [b]loveandbruises@hotmail.com[/b]


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