1. avatar adi123
    specs can be found [url="http://www.avland.co.uk/sony/cdpxe370/"]here[/url]

    I'm selling this player because I'm upgrading to a Rotel. It's a current model and I bought it brand new.
    It's condition is pretty much immaculate and I think its fair to describe it 'as new'. The only downer is I've lost the remote but as its a Sony, I think any universal remote would be sufficient. It's got a fine sound, with great clarity in all frequencies; the bass is also notable for its tautness and depth. All in all, I think its an excellent machine which will make its future owner extremely happy. Original box and manual will be supplied.

    selling for £60 because I lost the remote.

    contact me at nospam!godzilla@vfemail.net if you're interested. Edited by: adi123 at: 14/11/04 6:59 pm