1. avatar Tyrone101rock
    My first post!
    Marshall tsl head for sale,

    Got a new engl so well the marshall aint needed.

    Never gigged.

    Perfect condition, with re-vamped foot switch.

    Bias is perfect and tubes have a tonne of life left.

    All valve, if ure interested just pop me a mail and ure welcome to come over and give it a try.

    ( msn aswell ),
  2. avatar River Runs Red
    How much you looking for that bad boy? I'm in the market for a new amp...

  3. avatar Seulement encore
    I'm not interested in your Marshall but what Engl did you get?

    I tested an Engl once - the Ritchie Blackmore signature model and it was amazing, especially with a DOD 250 pre-amp overdrive infront of it.
    One of the top 2 or 3 amps that I've ever played through.
  4. avatar Tyrone101rock
    man, its the fireball, and for hard rock/metal it slays anything ive ever set my hands on, alot more grindey and slammy than the richie blackmore.
  5. avatar Seulement encore
    Yeah, the Richie Blackmore sounds alot better with a DOD 250 pedal infront of it.....
    Never heard the Fireball but I expect that it'd be amazing.