1. avatar Mr Jane Doe
    My first post!
    Hey there

    I am a songwriter/guitarist looking to form a band.

    I currently have a singer (think PJ Harvey meets Beth Orton and you'll be almost there) and am looking,hopefully not being too optimistic, for another guitarist, a bass player, a drummer, and possibly a keyboard player, naturally not being gender specific, to play only original material.

    I could list a whole load of influences but essentially they always comes back to Neil Young. However, supposing you really can't stand the guy I don't want to put you off so if you like, love, worship or are not particularly opposed to any of the following then get in touch.

    Pink Floyd, Jeff Buckley, Ryan Adams and his alt country disciples (Jesse Malin etc), John Martyn, Patti Smith, Beck, Radiohead... So much for not listing influences.

    Any ability considered within reason as long as the passion is there!



    (028 90668229)
  2. avatar gary gates
    Check your mail
  3. avatar Mithrandir81
    My first post!
    pretty sure i could be your huckleberry, i play gitar bass and sing all at the same time... where is it your based?
  4. avatar Mr Jane Doe
    Thanks for your post, I'm only looking for a bass guitarist now really but I'm sure your six string and vocal skills would come in extremely handy too. I'm on Lisburn Road, Belfast. If you're still interested get in touch!
  5. avatar what was left
    My first post!
    Check your ez-board inbox Miss Doe!


  6. avatar PaulMaks
    My first post!
    I can do a bit of keyboard if you want...