1. avatar The Metal Martyr
    My first post!
    I wanna form a band, I'm into metal, the NWOBHM mostly.
    Need bassist, singer, and drummer. If your in a band already however I might wanna join if you needed a guitarist.
    Want no time wasting fools. Dedication,transport, and participation are required of anyone I would be interested in as well as about 4-5 years experience.
    Influences are:
    Motorhead, Judas Priest, Saxon, Holocaust, Artillery, Death Wish, Angel witch, Ac/dc, Satan/Pariah, Accept/U.D.O,
    Venom, Blitzkrieg, Witchfinder General, Tank, Tyson Dog, The Rods, Wolfsbane, Girlschool, Tygers of pan Tang, Battlezone, Twisted Sister and the 1st two maiden albums.
    Been searchin for people for a long time now bout a year and I really need to find 'em soon!!!
  2. avatar The Metal Martyr
    AWW @#%$ is this gonna
    be the same as the metal Ireland page then????? No replies and time wasters????? Whats wrong with this country???