1. avatar altrockman
    My first post!
    --(please note, the following advertisment is written mostly in the style of jack black)--
    Hey, Im getting a band going. Not just any band though. It will be a great rock and roll band, and whether we conquer the world is up to you. I play rythm and we have a very good drummer.

    I have a lot of good tunes, that will eventually destroy the world with their all out rock stance.
    We are looking for a bassist with ideas, about 18-22 years old. You have to be able to play, but not to any great level. This band is about ideas, and good ideas make excellent songs. If you are influenced by any of the following it is a plus - pixies, nirvana, qotsa,foo fighters, weezer, radiohead, oasis, jimmieatworld, chillis, the cure, etc. etc. the list can go on, but you get the jist.
    We are also looking for a rocking guitarist, wether you play good or great, wether you play lead or rythm, that don't matter. What matters my feline friend is that you, yes you! have ideas that rock my mind and blow my human brain. We dont discriminnate, so anyone with two arms and who belongs to the human race is invited to enter our domain.
    Rock on!

    Send your witty replies to the following address;

  2. avatar Seulement encore
    My first post!
    I have some questions....

    Where are you based?
    Do you have a vocalist?
    Do you have practice room?
    I'm 24, is that too old for Lead Guitar?

  3. avatar DuncanDisorderly
    My first post!
    if you want mail me at: seanduncan50@hotmail.com
  4. avatar altrockman
    We are based in North Belfast, and Have a good practise area, which is a large garage in a quiet suburban street, under a house. If there are vocalists out there too we would like to hear from them, especially if you have an original sound. No age is really too old, just as long as you got the right mindset--i.e.--world domination. And if you are a really good lead guitarist then thats a major bonus.
    We will practise mostly at night and at weekends if it suits.
  5. avatar evo62=metal
    Hey, I've been playing guitar for about 2years now and I'm 14 and I'm urgently looking to be in a band or start one as I love metal so much, I love Iron Maiden, Trivium, King Diamond, Metallica, Devil Driver, GNR, Dragonforce, Dream Theatre, the early works of Avenged Sevenfold, ACDC etc I just love metal!
    I have all my own gear, i.e. marshall amp nd pedals nd ibanez, i play exotic scales good at rythm and i can pull off some awesome tapping solos and i use a lot of palm muting in my playing style, so please leave me a pm or add me on msn at www.cevans62@hotmail.com to chat about forming a band/me joining urs my name is Carl Evans, transport shouldn't e an issue.
    If u are intersted in the 1st option (helping me form a band) id b thib=nking along the lines of DemonAxe or Scarlet Blades or something as a name.
    Please drop me a pm if you can find the time thnx
  6. avatar Jamie_IronMaiden
    some one print screen the above reply and stick it on the front page, its bloody brilliant.
  7. avatar dommccann
    I like his style! best to have a band name thought up before the band has actauuly formed.
  8. avatar fopp
    I like the fact that this poor fello only started playing 2 years after the original post.
  9. avatar Jamie_IronMaiden
    haha! christ i never even noticed that
  10. avatar hybrid_of_steel
    ....uurrrghh....*cringe* thats actually a bit of a creepy thought lol
  11. avatar evo62=metal
    im putting this reply everywhere because i want 2get a band going

    i'm not specificalli replying 2 that original post lol
  12. avatar evo62=metal
    and please get it right fopp!!!!

    I've been playing guitar since 6th April 2007 (the original post was in 2004 - it is 2009 now u re!) :) lol
  13. avatar Jamie_IronMaiden
    [quote:04338a16d4="evo62=metal"]im putting this reply everywhere because i want 2get a band going

    i'm not specificalli replying 2 that original post lol[/quote:04338a16d4]

    so you're spamming then?
  14. avatar evo62=metal
    umm no lmao
    im just putting it on the topics which people actualli reply to so i can get the word out and have u got anything better to do than go around cyber-bitching me u sad cunt
    no offence if ur a maiden fan ur probably a pretty nice guybut dude.........
  15. avatar KnossosApothesis
    Calm your speed metal jets my boy. Internet tough guys are not welcome, only musicians.