1. avatar ryankozzi
    Ok, after being out on the block doing the acoustic thing on my ownsome for a brave ole while now, im looking to team up with someone again for purely acoustic gigs.

    Im extremely interested in any females who can hold a tune, and must be able to play acoustic guitar or acoustic bass, but im equally as interested in male musicans who could cut it also. Its just I think the female vocal for harmonies goes down well for acoustic stuff and its always something a bit different.

    My current set is made up of mostly acoustic based covers but also i also always throw in some degree of original material depending on audience and gig.
    gigs waiting......

    Aged 18+ please strictly, I am 26.
    Yo MUST have at least one or two decent electro acoustic guitars. I own PA, mics, acoustic amps, stands, etc. Your own transport would be very very desirable.

    PM me for details or if interested.
    And please...... if your not interested dont be posting rubbish on the thread and ruin it.

    many thanks