1. avatar usedcardealer
    Hi all,
    We (feelin' kane) are just finishing an Ep at Komodo.
    The @#%$ sounds great (not even mixed yet).
    Its no wonder really, between the attention to detail and the daily techhy lingo these guys really know what they're at!

    The new Ampeg sounds pro as f@ck on our recording and the normally full of character, but very tinny sound of my fender guitar and amp has a fatter than John Candy sound now!
    The drums came out really well as well.

    I can wholeheartedly recommend this place; the atmosphere is relaxed, the equipment is top notch, Alwyn is the sort of fella you would be happy with your wee sister going out with (NOT!)and.....er.... they've got a dartboard!
    What more do you want...Sex!!?? :(
  2. avatar Mick Nemesis
    and the musicboxoffun in the kitchen which can make every noise imaginable.
  3. avatar JonAftermath
    We (Aftermath) recently used Komodo to record the drum tracks for our upcoming 7".

    We were very happy with the setup and the results. A very spaceous environment allowed us to relax and watch Hollyoaks while listening to Emperor and cooking ourselves brekkie in the kitchen whilst Alwyn and Charlie set the drums up.

    The setting was inspirational, the studio surrounded on all sides by misty, rolling hills and trees any pagan/black metal band will appreciate.

    A large number of mics were used on the kit and the know-how of the people running the place was readily apparent.

    We'll definately be going back, if only to record drums for our forthcoming works.



    (The 7" has just been finished and mastered in EPK's Doghouse studios. It will be available soon.)
  4. avatar sparkyandrew
    My first post!
    What were the prices like? Expensive enough? We're thinking of going there this summer for a demo CD
  5. avatar Komodo Studios
    hey sparky, give us a call on 02892 688 285 to arrange a studio visit, during which I'll let you hear some of our recent work, have a chat about yer band etc...


    PS. expensive? that depends on how serious you are... we've stopped doing 1 day demos for 2 reasons:

    1- if a band aren't fussy abou the sound or production, sure they can do it themselves. (who doesn't have a portastudio these days?)
    2- i always put in the work, so it ain't worth my while unless i charge respectively. In fact I'm planning another price RISE sometime soon.

    ask to talk to me (alwyn) when you phone 02892 688 285.

    oh yeah, cheers aftermathjohn.
  6. avatar sparkyandrew
    Cheers Alwyn, will do mate
  7. avatar iain_thesmallprint
    My first post!
    We finished recording our EP at Komodo last week, and it sounds really good. Alwyn's a sound guy who can you talk to, and get on well with, and he likes to make sure you are 100% happy with your sound, no matter what instrument you are. I HIGHLY recommend Komodo, no matter what kind of musical genre you are.

    And plus, I'm sure you don't know any other recording studio that has an organ called a "Baldwin Fun Machine", do you? :P

    So yes, I would suggest going to Komodo for your EP/Demo/whatever.

  8. avatar PaulMAK
    Yes but would they let you record with the fun machine?? I have my doubts after giving it a whirl! :lol:

    From my brief experience of the Komodo setup I would say its good for bands wanting a real quality product. Not many studios around offer a pro tools setup and an engineer of Alwyns abilities and dedication.

    Slightly sarcastic chap - though thats not a problem 8)

    im currently in dealings forming a new band, and i'd give Komodo some serious thought for the recording. And the MAK does not endorse just any old place.

    Paul MAKs

  9. avatar Komodo Studios
    sarcastic? me?

    oh damn.

    my new years resolution will be to get out more...

    cheers lads for the nice words.

    ps. hey MAK, just cos the funmachine is too much for the likes of you to handle... :P for any SERIOUS keyboard players, all 3 organs and the keyboards are available for recording.
  10. avatar Mick Nemesis
    thems fighting words! :twisted:
  11. avatar PaulMAK
    [quote:3db3c59e88]hey MAK, just cos the funmachine is too much for the likes of you to handle...[/quote:3db3c59e88]

    Why you!!!!!!!

    I'd give that funmachine the time of its life!!!!!

    Paul MAKs