1. avatar Gerry Bigot
    And about time too.

    Recently moved and upgraded hence the delay in re-opening.

    Multitrack Hard Disk recording, reasonable rates.

    I am recording with Sonar 4 for multitracking via M-Audio Delta 1010LT. I also utilise Reason and VST technology, including Synths and FX.

    I also use a Behringer 16 Channel Desk, with Alesis Microverbs (x2), a Zoom 1201 and Alesis and Behringer Compressors.

    For hardware Synths I have a Roland MC 505 for the use of. As for Guitar, Bass and Vocal recording, I have the choice of rooms for live cabinet/Vocal recording or you can utiltize the Native Instruments Guitar Rig.

    Plus Mastering to DAT on a Tascam DA-20.

    If any of this interest y'all, get in touch at gerrybigot@hotmail.com

    I also have a 2.5K PA for the hire of (Subject to Availability).
    Again, if you are interested, contact me at gerrybigot@hotmail.com