Ghost Mice / Soophie Nun Squad / Gaju - 08/06/06 The Bunker

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@Laverys Bunker Thursday 8th June

doors 8.30/5 pounds

Soophie Nun Squad was formed in 1992 in Little Rock, Arkansas, by four
junior-high and elementary-school students, and has since grown to a membership of
twelve,scattered across the United States but still centered in Little Rock.
Their first show was none other than the back lawn of the Arkansas Governor's Mansion
in April 1993. Soophie released its first demo tape in 1994, and has since releasedthree
full-length albums, a split LP with Abe Froman, two 7"s, and has appeared
on many compilations.

The group functions, in a very literal way, as more a family unit than a
band of friends-- some move across the continent, some marry each other, some are
related,all exploring personal interests and passions, always returning two or
three times a year to create together, to push those ideas out, to bounce around a bit.

So expect sometimes-humiliating audience participation, call-and-response
parts, rolling around on the floor with the stupidest clothes you can possibly
find, surrounded by all your favorite people in the world. Jubilation.
Soophie expects only that, at all times.

Perhaps it's best to run down the list. Soophie Nun Squad is, and can be:

*Maralie Armstrong-Milholland: former vocalist for Tem Eyos Ki, solo
performance artist/musician as Honeybeast, puppeteer, costume designer!
*Dustin Clark: mosquito-killing bike rider in San Francisco, excellent
cook, also of the bands Shake Ray Turbine, The Insides, William Martyr 17.
*Mike Lierly: representational oil painter (, also
of the bands Tem Eyos Ki and Boomfancy.
*Nate Powell: comic book artist (Walkie Talkie, Tiny Giants, It
Disappears), runs Harlan Records, also of the band Boomfancy.
*Eli Monster: puppeteer, costume designer, performer/musician as Humanola,
also ofthe band Tem Eyos Ki.
*Mark Lierly: clearly the friendliest and least judgemental of us all.
also of the band Sugar And The Raw.
*Anna Newell: the wiz, the sonnet-writer, the sleepless thrasher of the
guitar.*Tim Scott: Sound artist/ electronic musician, the fine line between
genius and madness, also of the band Orange Core. Keeps everything fresh.
*Mikael Wood: rock journalist, iconoclast, ice king. also of the band
Rainy Day Regatta.
*Michael Motley: the innocent man in Hell. Also of the band Sugar and The
*Kristine Barrett: electronic musician, opera singer, untapped treasure.


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in their own words:
"we play 100% acoustic. we never use amps or mics [except once at plan-it-x fest]. we have been playing in bands together for about 7 years. we started ghost mice in 2002 because we we tired of being restricted. we were tired of having to travel in big vans and depend on amps, PA systems and electricty. with ghost mice we can travel very light and we need nothing to play. we often play in back yards or on the street corner in front of the venue. we have toured the USA many times and we toured europe (germany, holland, denmark, austria, france, spain, belgium, england, wales, scotland and ireland) by foot. we hitch hiked and took trains to all of our shows. it was fun and very liberating. we sing a mix of personal and politcal lyrics, we are anarchist, we are dedicated to the DIY ethic and the struggle to make the world a better place. we play music and travel for fun and to meet new people. music is our lives. we love travel. we are nice and a little shy. please feel free to get in touch or check out the record label that we run. email me:"

ghost mice like getting mail. you can contact them at:

ghost mice
c/o plan-it-x records
p.o. box 3521
bloomington, in 47402

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