1. avatar Blind Eye View
    Blast Furnace (Nerve Centre), Derry

    32 track studio with pro tools, A DATs, digital facilities

    Tel : 02871 377870

    Foyle Arts Centre,
    Lawrence Hill
    BT48 7NJ

  2. avatar Javashrine
    Great sound, great gear, and most importantly, great guys to work with who do know what they're talking about.

    I'll defo go back there for another session.
  3. avatar no coffee no workee
    [b]Blast Furnace has moved to the Rath Mor business park here in Derry.[/b]

    The studio itself has designed and been built by a professional acoustics company (www.studiopeople.com)
    Check out pix!


    Music production a speciality with extremely experienced staff.
    Dubbing to film / animation with a massive pro standard sound effects library.
    5.1 recording / mixing.
    DTS encoding on it's way.
    We also do location recording, particularly suitable for choirs and large groups.


    Rory : 028 71 377870
    : 0777 979 1534

    Current setup

    DDA DMR12 56 channel analogue mixing console
    Apple G5
    ProTools HD system
    Digidesign 192 & 96 interfaces
    Logic Pro 7 (w/Space Designer Convolving Reverb, EXS24, EVP88 etc. All the bells and whistles).
    Mackie HUI control surface
    Tascam 1" 16 track analogue multitrack (synch'd to Logic/PT)
    24 tracks of ADAT
    Avalon 747 mastering quality tube compressor / eq
    Focusrite 428 4 channel preamp (x2), G2, Voicebox, Focus EQ
    SPL Goldmike dual mono valve preamp
    Aphex 107, Compellor, Easyrider, Aural Exciter
    Lexicon PCM 90, MPX1
    TL Audio 5021 valve compressor (x2), 2011 valve eq
    Drawmer 1960 valve compressor, DS201 noise gates
    Yahama weighted keyboard
    Akai S3000 sampler
    Roland SH-101 analogue synth
    Novation Bass Station
    Korg M1 keyboard & N1 module
    Guitar & Bass POD
    Guitar & Bass POD XT
    Mic cupboard
    Neumann U87(x3), KM184(x2)
    Royer 121
    Beyerdynamic MC740 (x3), M88
    Røde NTV, NT1(x2)
    AKG C3000, D112 (x2)
    Sennheiser MD421(x3)
    Shure SM91, 58s, 57s etc.

    Mastering available to most formats (CD, DAT, etc. 1/4" reel available on request).

    t: 028 71 377870
    e: rory@blast-furnace.com
    w: [url="http://www.blast-furnace.com"]www.blast-furnace.com[/url] (under construction)

    recently at Bf...

    Triggerman - 6th extinction ep
    Little Hooks - 'Safe Life' album
    Different Drums Of Ireland - 'Drums and Drumlins' album
    Colm Bryce - new ep just finished
    Fighting With Wire - new album in progress
    Red Organ Serpent Sound - Recording for new ep with producer Paul Epworth
    Skruff - new ep
    The Subtitles - new ep
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  4. avatar The Evangelists
    I'd recommend this studio to anyone, from Rock and Rollers to Church Choirs. The staff are 100% professional and easy to work with. Our experience in the Blast Furnace was thoroughly enjoyable with no hic-ups at all.

    Any bands that are looking to record a demo, save up your pennys and get these guys. Worth every cent.
  5. avatar Ronan Yakuza
    We luv this place, Mik, Rory and Kwa couldn't be more accommodating, rescheduling a session for us with virtually no notice, due to a kicking, and soooo easy to work and get along with
    Go here
  6. avatar Javashrine
    Jaysus, just had a look at the new BF and it looks the ticket.
    I tell you what Mik, we'll be back up soon, so expect a phone call and some serious haggling for a good deal... ;)
  7. avatar Darren Circus
    My first post!
    We have just completed a two day stint at this place with Mik. What can i say except that the man is a complete pro and our time spent in the studio was productive from start to finish.

    Go...you won't regret it.

    Urban Circus