1. avatar Andrew
    Einstein Studios Recording

    32-track analogue and digital hard disk music recording facility.

    : FrankieMcClay
    Telephone : 028 9446 2701

    E-mail : frankie@einsteinstudios.co.uk


    133 Abbeyview
    BT41 4QA


    "Lets see...we've been to Einstein twice before. The equipment in the place is great and there are two soundproofed rooms complete with snazzy big windows, so you can pretend you're a big rawk star. There are amps there you can use if you don't own a decent one/couldn't be bothered slugging it all the way to Antrim...but you will need a drum kit. Frankie's a sound bloke but be prepared for plenty of sick jokes. Contact details are on the website...give him a ring sure and have a wee chat.

    Off the top of my head, bands that have recorded at Einstein include Headcheese, Icarus, Rhesus, The Cheesejunkies, Zerotonin, Manlog, Suki, Riff Master General, Tilted, Coda, The Cartel, Pepperbook, Clay, etc, etc...Though you should bear in mind I can't speak for these bands in terms of how they found the studio."
    John O'Neill, RHESUS
  2. avatar Wasp Boy
    Pity he had no sense of humour the day Griswold went to record at Einstein, and threw us out rather than earn £600 for his bad wee self.
  3. avatar EPK
    Seems to be a common occurrence. I know of several bands who've been thrown out,for whatever reason.
    It's a bit back n'white, from what I've been told.
    You'll either absolutely love it or be thrown out.
  4. avatar Andrew
    I recorded the first In.Decision demo there, and tracks for an Alumni Feedback 7" which never got released - and always found the equipment, atmos and Frankie's attitude to be top notch. And out of all the stuff I've played on over the years, that In.Decision demo is still probably my fave, recording-wise.

    The Dangerfields are recording the tracks for our four 7"s there this coming weekend, so I'll be able to give you all an up-to-date report on the facilities. :)

    As for the Griswold ejection - well, all I'll say is Leif wasn't exactly the easiest chap to get along with, and Frankie probably did the right thing by chucking us out. At least as far as his sanity was concerned!! :p
  5. avatar Rodantherockband
    My first post!
    I too, loved the overall sound of that In.decision demo and
    that was a big reason why we returned to Einstein to record our latest demo last May.

    It's a well equiped, comfortable studio, and easy to get to from Belfast. Really nice rural setting - we recorded there on a glorious summers day and it had a real feelgood factor. There's a cool yard below which is great for a spot of footy/leapfrog/3-legged racing.

    Frankie is a bit of character, and most people either love or loathe him. Prepare yourself for plenty of tomfoolery & banter. This can be good to settle the old recording studio jitters, but unless you stay in a reasonably hard-working frame of mind you could end up wasting a lot of time and money joking around. Also, he liberally hands out criticism so be prepared to hear it like it is!

    But on the whole Frankie was very helpful and knowlegable, and was very obliging to our requests no matter how ill-advised. There are plenty of things that i would like to change about the final product but this was due more to our own shortcomings and budget constraints, than any deficiency in either Frankie or the studio itself.

    We phoned around a lot of studios before settling on Einsteins, and Frankie definitely seemed to offer the best value for money.
  6. avatar Blackouttheorist
    My first post!
    Tom from Tilted here.
    At the moment we are recording our mini album in Einstein and I have to say that without doubt, it is the best sounding studio in the country at the moment.
    We have recorded in other studios in the past namely Homestead studios, and haven't came out with half the result that we have came out with in Frankies.
    The main reason is Frankie is enthusiastic about the music and advises us if things need to be changed.
    Most engineers would not be as productive.
    So if you are thinking about a great sound, well go to a great studio.
  7. avatar Suki Monster
    My first post!
    The man knows his stuff better than most in this country and his recordings are the best local ones i have heard.Great guy great place.
  8. avatar BioBaby xxx
    My first post!
    we just got back from recording our new e.p at frankies. this is my second einstein experiance and on both occasions I have left Feeling very satisfied with the finnished product given the amount of money I was able 2 spend each time. The atmosphere is very laidback and relaxed but Frankie worked his balls off for us on both days and ive never met someone so genuinly interested in helping us in anway he could. The craic is great, the sound is good and u will leave wanting to kiss frankies hairy face.
  9. avatar BioBaby xxx
    oh, and he was involved in making the "Airwolf" themetune and has a disk on his wall for that, which is enuff reason in itself to go down.
  10. avatar Andrew
    We recorded the 15 songs for our singles at Einstein in January (in one day!) and mastered them there last night. They sound fuckin' awesome. This is thanks in no small part to Frankie's patient and proactive attitude, and the excellent equipment on offer.

    Frankie really wanted to achieve the best results possible, and pulled out all the stops for us. There was no bullshit, Frankie tells it like it is - and he really does work his ass off for you. The atmos is spot-on and the charges are very fair. What more can I say, except...

    You can beat an egg - but you can't beat a w*nk!!!

    I cannot praise Einstein highly enough and recommend it to bands of all levels and all genres. :)
  11. avatar spy from moscow
    My first post!
    i would be interested to hear too if there are any people who have recorded in einstein that are not rock. frankie prides himself on a few but it would be good to hear what they thought of it.
  12. avatar BiobabyXXphil
    My first post!
    Frankie is a bit of a smart-ass & as someone said in another post above mine, he does come of with some sick-ass jokes,but ya gotta luv the guy!

    p.s. (same time friday nite franky wanky)..
  13. avatar brianmcf
    My first post!
    Sounds great. What kinda price range are we talking about?
  14. avatar Kellfire
    My first post!
    We paid £200 for 10 hours. Its usually £25 an hour but the whole day rounds it down.
  15. avatar Pete
    I've been up at Einstein and worked with Frankie a few times, laying down bass lines for Joby Fox.

    Frankie is always enthusiastic about the work, and wants a good result as much as the band do, not afraid to offer his opinion which 9 times in 10 is right. The atmosphere is great to work in and he's recently added loads of new gear, in the form of Guitar and Bass POD Pro's, an in house drum kit and a few other hi-tech gubbins.

    morph are going up there to record our album as soon as Frankie can clear a spot in his diary! The only bad side is the staircase leading up to the place, but then again I could do with losing a bit of weight...
  16. avatar Tim Rooney
    My first post!
    I recorded an EP last summer there with TeflonDon and i have to say everything about it was brilliant, Daddio is a legend and im going back this saturday with Pocket Billiards to record our first demo. Ill post then again once it's done!
  17. avatar exportsimsie
    Fantastic. Im pretty much just back from recording up with frankie for BBE,
    he was dead helpful and a really cool guy. 3 tracks recorded and mixed in about 5 hours and the end product is great! deffinately recomended 2 everyone!
  18. avatar Pete
    We've been up with Frankie for a week recording Morph's first album. We've laughed, we've cried, we've laughed some more but the end result is shaping up to be the best thing we've ever recorded. Frankie has almost become the 8th member of the band (like we need anymore), giving his help and input on everything from the arrangements, harmonies, doorbells and our golf swings... ?

    Technically you can't fault Einstein Studios, you point microphones at things, press record and it all sounds fantastic (when you play it right of course). We didn't have any technical hitches at all, allowing us to concentrate on the music rather than the process. There is some top quality gear available.

    I haven't much experience with some of the other studios in Northern Ireland, but I find it hard to believe that any of them come close, especially at Frankie's prices.
  19. avatar no less my life 83
    My first post!
    Recorded No Less My Life's 'Teenage Zombies' demo yesterday. I didnt want to leave, we arrived and felt at ease straight away. Franky has a great attitude to work and despite being a 10 hour day, it flew in, with laughs ahoy. We are happy with the final product and we will be back...... Watch out Franky
  20. avatar theafterglowonline
    My first post!
    Frankie is the man. Puts a lot of these other ' pretenders' to shame.
  21. avatar maccatori
    My first post!
    Frankie is the best. We've recorded there twice and are getting the stuff released via 2 small US and Spanish labels. Can't recommend him enough, apart from the awful jokes. We went to a digital studio in Manchester as well and might as well have poured the money down the drain. He shows real enthusiasm and pushes you to get the best result.
    We'll be back!
    Language of Flowers
  22. avatar Andrew
    Posted by [url=""]zerotonin[/url] (26/5/02 3:24 pm):


    I am posting on behalf of the above.

    Please be aware that the following equipment has been added to the existing studio setup at Einstein Studios:

    ROLAND VP 9000 variphrase sampler.

    These are to be used freely with all the other studio gear.

    Best Rgds,
    o.b.o. Einstein Studios, Antrim.


    Posted by [url=""]BiobabyXXphil[/url] (26/5/02 9:53 pm):


    I used the Guitar Pod pro during the Biobaby recording, it be good, very good!!!


    Posted by [url=""]moorso[/url] (9/12/02 10:19 am):

    [b]Recording at Einstein[/b]

    We (Pop Machine) have just recorded a mini-album at Einstein studios....I'd just like to make a wee comment about ...
    1st The end product quality was amazing
    2nd Frankie's attitude towards the music and us was brilliant
    3rd We'll be back...no doubt about it


    Posted by [url=""]Ross Throes[/url] (11/12/02 5:33 pm):

    [b]Re: Recording at Einstein[/b]

    Having just finished our 2nd ep with Frankie I have to second everything moorso said.
    Fantastic Sound
    Fantastic Attitude
    and yes, we'll be back.


    [i][These posts were on separate Einstein threads; I've moved them across here to keep everything together - AG][/i]
  23. avatar Samurai Commando
    My first post!
    [manymore] had a blast when we where in with Frankie earier this month.
    The quality of the demo is top class and we have never laughed so hard, Frankie certainly is a character and a great guy to work with.

    I can't recommend Einstein Studios enough, it really is a fantastic place to record and has a very laid back, relaxed atmosphere.
    The recording facilities are superb and the final product is guaranteed to sound amazing.
    Frankie also offered us great advice to set the songs off and we're delighted with how it all sounds.

    We wouldn't consider anywhere else now and hope to return later on this year.

  24. avatar moorso
    My first post!
    Once again I am going on to big-up Frankie's Einstein Studio in Antrim. [url="http://www.popmachine.co.uk"]Pop Machine[/url] have just recorded their/our second CD and the sound is amazing
  25. avatar Davy Cho
    My first post!
    After 2 great experiences doing EP's in Einstein, SKYPILOT will be doing our first album there when we get the finger out.

    We just wouldn't go anywhere else. m/
  26. avatar The Chairman Of The Tin P
    My first post!
    I, on the other hand, don't like Frankie because he threw me out, the dirty oul f.ucker.

    I mean, what's so wrong with bringing twelve tins of Bavaria?

    Ok, the sound was good at the end of the day, but we weren't paying for it, or else I wouldn't say it was worth it.
  27. avatar Pete
    Having been up at Einstein on numerous occasions, I would say that you would have had to be doing something a bit worse than just having a few beers to get thrown out.

    Frankie is one of the most amenable blokes I know.
  28. avatar The Chairman Of The Tin P
    I think he took the nick because I fell asleep under the drumkit, and started shouting about how we weren't paying for it, and how we were wasting other people's money.

    Little does he know I'm at my best after a drunken sleep under the kit, so the joke's on him.

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  29. avatar culchiepunker
    My first post!
    Einstein is a great studio, we recorded a few demos up there and they were @#%$ and throughout it all Frankie was offering constructive criticism and encouraging us and being honest when he needed to eg. "your a @#%$é singer"

    We're heading back there again because production wise the cds end product is amazing and i recommend it to any band who want to record a good cd and have fun doing so.
  30. avatar theafterglowonline
    Frankie's a gentleman. I was only up there for a few nights but he is a really decent guy. I don't blame him for throwing yer man out.
  31. avatar Kellfire
    He wastes a lot of time with the banter though, i wanted to just tell him to get on with it.
  32. avatar ToiletStreet
    Frankie's fuckin great!
    Sure, the banter is plentiful but jesus, he makes sure you're relaxed and ready to give your best in the recording.
    I know I much preferred recording this time round, because I wasn't feelin any pressure or whatever.
    He only ever wants the best out of the recording, he genuinely loves what he does.
    I got a sample from a studio that appears on here alot not too long ago, and I know i'm happy with us goin to Einstein..our rough mixes sound better than the sample I got.
  33. avatar starresidueross
    My first post!
    Does anyone know of Frankie's still in business? We're going to be looking to record with him again whenever we're ready to go back into the studio. I heard rumours that he wasn't... :shock:
  34. avatar MIKE G J ANDREWS
    I heard a rumour that he has stopped also. Not sure if it's true tho.
  35. avatar Mick Nemesis
    i havent heard him mentioned in about 9 months by anyone. neil calderwood and komodo are good ross
  36. avatar palrub
    was about to ask that... who would i be best going to for best quality recordings. Neal or Frankie?
  37. avatar tinpot anto
    Pete at the Blueroom.

    Pure class.

  38. avatar grandcentralboy
    I'm seconding that. Pete is the business

    http://artists.cpu.ie/bands/194/ (recorded at blueroom)
  39. avatar DarkOver Adam
    Here.....Frankies still goin strong like! We're up at the moment recording with him, just finishing mixing tonight and it's sounding fucking excellent!

    Business as usual. And sick jokes too!
  40. avatar Wd-adam
    My first post!
    I know Frankie comes on here now and again to check things out and see what's being said, so...Frankie if you read this could you send an email to adz239@hotmail.com? I've been trying to get in touch using your business account but haven't had any success, you told me your personal address but I've forgotten it. Cheers

    Willow Drive
  41. avatar exportsimsie
    Went to frankies last week to record a song for a compilation. Hadn't been there in over two years, but he's still a total genius. I would recommend frankie to anyone.
  42. avatar MIKE G J ANDREWS
    Good auld Frankie I have fond memories of recording our early Suki Demo's up at his place years and years ago. It was more like a fun day out:) Dont know how he put up with us tho.
  43. avatar exportsimsie
    Ok ladies and germs, heading back to Frankies tomorow to record an EP and i'll post something up from it when we're done. In the mean time, you can get something from our last session at: http://www.myspace.com/numskullrocks the track we recorded at Einstein was Princaples Daughter
  44. avatar exportsimsie
    So I couldnt have been happier with how the new Numskull recording "Ripped" turned out. You can check out the songs 'All I Want Is Hot Girls in Short Skirts' and 'You Make Me Sick' on our bebo thinggy. So happy witht he sound of these.
  45. avatar Strong Reaction
    You can beat an egg......
  46. avatar Donnie Brasco
    My first post!
    On behalf of studio head Frankie McClay, and for your information;

    Einstein Studios, Antrim, has latterly undergone a systems overhaul, now being equipped with the new ProTools HD3 system running on a Mac Pro.

    Those wishing to make enquires, or have a yarn, can contact the man at einsteinstudios@utvinternet.com or call 02894 462701.
  47. avatar Backfire
    Backfire is hopefully goin to record in Einstein studios early may

    looking forward to it! :-D
  48. avatar NaomiS
    ok this post has been ongoing for a few years thats a bit mad

    I'll be there tomorrow:D
  49. avatar naked but still stripping
    My first post!
    Alright people, Frankie has asked me to put up a post just to let you all know the new updated Einstien Studios website is now up and running.


    All info pertaining to the studio is there and for all the Tech heads that need to see what gear and software is available full lists are provided. The studio is photographed from every angle possible so you can get definitive idea of what the set up is up there.

    The studio is half the battle though and having someone there who has as much experience as Frankie is what makes Einstien such a amazing recording studio. With over 20 years + experience in recording all types of music across the board, Frankie strives to deliver a top quailty production to each and every band that steps foot into the studio. Wether its a new band doing their first demo or an established band in to do an album, the friendly and professional mannor which Frankie creates can do nothing but get the best out of everyone envolved in the project. A list of clients is also included on site just to give you the full extent of his previous works, most of clients are repeat customers and won't go anywhere else.

    The studio is based in Antrim and full details of directions and contact numbers are all up. Best thing to do is just give Frankie a bell to discuss your project...Frankie offers the best value for money barr none and continues to do so.

    Feel free to check out Stand Up Guy/Sky Pilot/ Escape Fails lastest releases for recent work. Frankie is currently finishing up the mix for the latest Sinocence full album release. There is a mix of one of our tracks up on our myspace showcasing what Frankie is capable of and that track was still only in mix stage.



  50. avatar Strong Reaction
    Still going strong, up with Frankie at the moment. Huge amount of high end equipment, and he puts a huge amount of effort in. Can't recommend the man enough.
  51. avatar Daveitferris
    I'm very tempted to head to frankie for a few test tracks. What is his rate per hour, and working hours? (i couldn't find them on his site)
  52. avatar Strong Reaction
    £25 per hour, £200 per day. Day sessions are normally 10am - 6pm all week, evening sessions I guess would start around 6/7pm. Send him an email for a better idea (up on his website). There is seriously everything you would need up there except a bass cabinet.
  53. avatar Daveitferris
    Cheers pal. I will do :)
  54. avatar Durty Rocker