1. avatar hardstaff0p
    This might be a slightly naive question, but is it possible to do any harm to a large bass amp if you were to play a loud distorted guitar through it? Just thought I better ask before I do anything stupid. thanks, david
  2. avatar greensleevesisgod
    Yeah, I'd like to know this too. Especially with keyboards?
  3. avatar Darragh-NDL
    I'm not exactly sure.....
    but because Bass amp/cabinet speakers are ported which means held in place in some way and guitar speakers aren't it would leave me to believe that it should be fine if a guitar is played through a bass amp, although not if it was the other way round...
  4. avatar die the flu
    I think I asked this a couple of years ago when I was running a small guitar amp (which sounded great) through a 100 watt bass amp for volume.

    I think I was told I probably shouldn't do it but did anyway and nothing exploded or was damaged (as far as I noticed).

    I'm sure someone will post shortly with a definitive answer...
  5. avatar chrisjedijane
    [quote:e7d86a2874="Darragh-NDL"]I'm not exactly sure.....
    but because Bass amp/cabinet speakers are ported which means held in place in some way and guitar speakers aren't i[/quote:e7d86a2874]

    Not true.

    "Ported" means that there are holes cut in the cabinet, to benefit the sound. Bass amp manufacturers tend to port their cabs to enhance the bass frequencies, and make the sound appear "bigger".

    AFAIK it should be fine to put a guitar through a bass amp, and loud distortion shouldn't harm it really. Gareth from Coda puts a huge amount of distortion on his bass through his amp, and it never causes any problems.
  6. avatar Darragh-NDL
    thanks also for the tip..... I must have read the wrong article before.... Do'h
  7. avatar Pete
    Any signal you would put into a guitar amp will work in a bass amp. You'll only damage it by running it too loud, for too long, too often (which goes for any amp).

    But the speakers in bass amps are voiced differently, they tend to be a flatter response than guitar amps, closer to PA cabs, so it won't sounds as good probably.

    Having said that, all the classic guitar amps started out as bass amps...
  8. avatar hardstaff0p
    thanks chaps!
  9. avatar anty
    sexual harassment usually harms them
  10. avatar Mowgli
    Just to pipe in and repeat what has already been said (makes me feel like am actually contributing), its fine to run guitars through bass amps, also they are more suited to vocals, electric drums or keys than a normal guitar amp due to the better bass response, however DONT try running your bass through a guitar amp unless you like seeing smoke coming from your equipment with that familiar smell of burning solder.

    Guitars operate higher on the frequency scale than Bass Guitars or keyboards (or Barry Whites voice), so their amps are not equipped to deal with the lower end of the range, hence even running a guitar with bass pedals through them can result in disaster. If it has to be done, keep it low-ish and dont do it too long or too often. As for running through the bass amp, it will not give a "true" sound but should not blow up at least and in fact sometimes the tone it gives is just what you have been searching for in years gone by, i.e. acoustic guitar + chorus pedal + decent bass amp = sounds of loveliness :D
  11. avatar Speed Demon
    I'm pretty sure that you're wrong about bass guitars blowing up guitar amps.

    The reason for not doing it is that it doesn't sound any good, not because it does any harm.

    A 4-string bass is tuned an octave lower than a guitar. That's half the frequency. I can't see why driving a circuit at half its design frequency could hurt it.
  12. avatar chrisjedijane
    You'll not damage the circuitry inside, but i guess you could damage the speakers by running a guitar amp loud with a bass through it.
  13. avatar Mowgli
    Sorry, should be more clear, get all carried away on this interwebby thingumy.

    Its actually the cones that "blow" when I have seen it happen (all-be-it only the once with my own eyes), although I cant imagine it would ever be good for the circuitry, I have never seen it damaged...yet! Can always keep trying though ;-)