1. avatar AbsynthBand
    My first post!
    Hi we’re looking for somewhere to practice, due to being banned from playing at a church, and the bassists’ garage isn’t suitable to play at anymore..

    Anyone know a list of all the rehearsal studios in Belfast/Newtownabbey kinda area..??

    Or does anyone have any recommendations?

    Could you also mention cost per hour, location, number etc?

    If there is another thread for this which I haven’t seen, please don’t rip my eyes out

    Thanks Aaron(absynth)
  2. avatar numbnut31
    check my post in the Classifieds mate....

    gimme a shout, Belfast City centre.


  3. avatar alanbln
    My first post!
    Catalyst rooms in Kilroot Carrickfergus about a tenner an hour, fully kitted and mixing desk
  4. avatar The Stav
    Myself and a couple of muso friends have a rehearsal studio at the bottom of Donegall Pass, behind the fire station. We have a P.A., drumkit, guitar amps and a bass amp for bands to use- obviously you can bring your own gear if you'd prefer. I've posted more info about the studio here on fastfude already. We have daytime and evening sessions available- email us at rinkydinkrehearsals@googlemail.com if you have any further enquiries or if you'd like to make a booking.
  5. avatar russell
    Here are the details for my new rehearsal studio in Newtownabbey.

    Last week of introductory rates, so get in touch with me soon :)