1. avatar ChaosInEden
    My first post!
    Does anybody know if there are any studios out there who are willing to let guys such as myself come into the studio and learn a bit about how everything works.

    I am interested in working in a studio sometime down the line in my career, so I want to learn more about it now to gain some experience.
    Anybody knows anything going or anyone who's willing for people to come down and learn, give me a shout or a number or something....
  2. avatar Jim Cava
    Bangor tech does night and day courses for recording etc check out the prospectus-I dont know if you can get it in belfast but if you phone them im sure they'll send you 1
  3. avatar ChaosInEden
    much appreciated Jim, have an interview for the full time music tech course on 21st of this month.
    they want me to take a pen with me, what is that about????
  4. avatar fatboy G
    My first post!
    theres a test where you have to record something using nothing more than a ball point pen a small stuffed toy, sellotape, a paper clip, and a lighter. if you pass the test you are in fact macgyver.
    or they just want u to write something down like how to connect bits of audio equipment

  5. avatar Mistakendrums
    My first post!
    haha - very good!