1. avatar userdeltron
    My first post!
    new studio situated in the centre of coleraine
    (v.v reasonable rates and loyalty scheme available)
    rehersal room/live recordings+p.a hire also.

    24bit pro tools recording and editing.
    valve outboard for fat analogue sound

    inhouse drumkit and full rehersal setup available
    (carlsbro/marshall/fender twin/ampeg amps etc)

    -lots of studio goodies like emu vintage keys for

    hammond,rhodes,wurly's etc
    -behringer bass v-amp
    -pod xt pro
    -various great guitars-burns vibra artiste/fender custom

    72/hayman 3030/schecter jazz/ovation acoustic etc.
    -korg chaos pad,e.h.super replay,many other rare pedals.
    -e bow and an other stuff
    -endless tea and coffee!

    contact us at 028703 44207 or
    email thestablesstudio@hotmail.com or visit our website soon
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  2. avatar Jim Mellow Dramatic
    My first post!
    Definitely a great place to record.
    We (Mellow Dramatic) did our 4th EP there on the 28th and 29th July.
    We're really pleased with the result, better than anything we've gotten before quality wise.

    They charged us £15 an hour, but i hear if you dance for them they can do it cheaper...
  3. avatar andyzsp
    My first post!
    Zombie Safari Park have just finished recording "The Selfish Gene" at the stables.
    good prices, nice atmosphere, top grade equipment, and a talented engineer. highly recommended.