1. avatar Blind Eye View
    Homestead Recording Studio

    Digital and analogue recording , also residential

    Telephone : 02894 473592

    E-mail : mudd@homestead.dnet.co.uk

    57a Main Street
    BT41 3BB

    For some examples of stuff recorded at Homestead (although admittedly 10 years ago..) you could try listening to Therapy?'s "Babyteeth" and "Pleasure Death" mini-albums.
  2. avatar EPK
    I was there last October, and wasn't too impresses with the place. There was some good gear, but it wasn't in good repair...bits lying around the floor and under your feet...literally. The desk made crackling noises when you leaned on it, and the monitors weren't great.
    It was a live session for BBC, and despite the huge leaps in technology the sound wasn't really any different from when I recorded at the old Homestead in Ahoghill...twenty years ago.
  3. avatar Rock Danger
    I did some work up there years ago, he rules at country sucks ass at any kinda uptempo rock/punk... and he's in pretty poor health i just heard too.

    He was always kinda ill tho.. nice studio.
  4. avatar Joe Fallout
    Mudd is a top guy, easy to work with, and its the best setup of a studio i've been in. Production was fantastic, really professional. The live room is huge, so no headphone nonsense is required as such. Just don't bring a pro co RAT.
  5. avatar A Thing That Grows
    My first post!
    How much do you charge?
    By the hour or for a session?
    I loved the sound on those albums. :D