1. avatar zebulon
    My first post!
    Lidsville recorded here just the other week, following the example of SuperSkin, Pulszar and Ninebar.

    Whereas some acts just use Neal to record drum tracks, others have gone the whole hog.

    The setup may not be big, but Neal has good equipment and knows exactly how to get the sounds he wants from it.
    Of all the studios I've been to and all the local product I've heard, the only recordings with any energy or life to them have been reorded by Neal in Manor Park.
    We started expecting little of the recording, it was rushed and low-budget, but we left with product we'd be happy to own by a major-label group.

    And Neal is a dream to work with.
  2. avatar Future Real
    Yeah i heard some of the stuff Throat recorded.
    It sounds excellent.
  3. avatar die the flu
    My first post!
    Aye, but what are the prices like mawn?
  4. avatar zebulon
    No disrespect to the man in charge, but it seems to vary depending on whether he likes your music or whether you're a friend.
    No shame in that, it's exactly how I would do it if I had a studio.
    But say £15 an hour.
    We spent 24 hrs recording and mixing three tracks, and that split between the four band members was quite affordable.
    And most definitely worth it.
  5. avatar stuart superskin
    My first post!
    Manor Park studios

    Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Production.

    Contact :- Neal Calderwood

    email :- neal@onetel.net.uk

    Bands recorded:-
    Superskin,Throat, Cava, Kyle, Pulszar,Payola, Kid Dynamo, Fanjo,

    Zerotonin,What'sThe Fusz, Johnny Vans, Liddsville, Neil from Clutch, Andy from Therapy etc.
  6. avatar Wasp Boy
    My first post!
    Los Cabras just recorded there last month. Neal is a great guy and the whole thing was very relaxed.

    Great prices as well.
  7. avatar PocketPromise
    My first post!
    Yeah we recorded there too. Small but excellent set up. We'll definitely be going back!
  8. avatar whats the fusz r back
    My first post!
    what's the fusz recorded there a few days back 6 & 7 July.
    He is a cool guy and always willing to help.
    Immensely recommended!
  9. avatar Joe Fallout
    My first post!
    Neal does a really good job, the setup is to the point and efficient, and he knows how to use it. Great drum sound especially. Highly Recommended.
  10. avatar Jim Cava
    My first post!
    Have to agree with most people in here.Of all the studios that we've been to,Manor was the best(and we've been to some pretty expensive 1s).Neal is a pleasure to work with and he knows his @#%$.
  11. avatar REALelectricNo9
    My first post!
    Endorsed by LoveChild.

    No complaints a tall.
  12. avatar River Runs Red
    My first post!
    Involution recorded our first CD there. It was excellent, really relaxed and Neal is a pleasure to work with... no complaints at all. The finish product sounded great, and everyone who has heard it has remarked on how well the CD sounded. [6 songs (30 mins of music) recorded, mixed and mastered in 2 days.]
  13. avatar mikey fusz
    My first post!
    Well, WTF went back there on 4/5/6 April to record a new demo.
    Once again I cannot say a bad word about any aspect of it all.
    The set up is totally spot on. Neal is a real good guy and will give you all the help you need including a few tips if needs be.
    We have come out of there with a demo that we all agree sounds fcukin class.
  14. avatar pink planet
    My first post!
    Of all the demos I have heard Manor Park definitely has the most impressive sound.
    Neal is really easy to work with and gets the best out of everybody.
    One thing's for sure, nothing will be recorded out of tune! Believe me, if the vocals are out of tune when you leave Manor Park you really must be a crap singer!!
    Neal's mastering ability must also be recommended, superb.
    Overall, this is the best option for unsigned bands.
  15. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    My first post!
    We just did a live session for Across the Line with Neil and it is easily the best piece of recorded work we have ever done. The man knows his stuff and we'll be doing our next EP with him.
  16. avatar semilit
    My first post!
    Still curious what Neal has been up to these days. Since I live in California, I really don't know what's going on apart from what's posted on FF. Heard he recorded The Hanna Sisters album but whatever happened to his Lima project? I've been looking for an LP or EP (or anything) for a long while now. Thanks.
  17. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    We're in with at the moment. So far, so good.
  18. avatar Humbleweed Hassan
    My first post!
    scheer genious!.....see what i did there?
  19. avatar mikey fusz
    Neal has moved.

    He is now up in Moneyglass near Toome.
    Not sure how to get to his pad, tho I guess I better hurry up and find out as [url="http://www.in-theory.net"]we[/url] are heading up there in 2 days time!!!

    His new number is 02879651771

    [url="http://www.in-theory.net"]In Theory[/url]
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