1. avatar Declan
    Big Space Studios will be closing for a few weeks and re-opening just outside Newry.

    This is a very exciting time as the new studio will be much bigger and better equipped.
    There's a bit of building work still to be done so until the main live room and control room are finished I will be taking over a room or two in the house. This will allow me to work as I am now ie. with no live drums (for bookings or more information email me : info@bigspacestudios.co.uk). When the live room is sorted I can have full band including drums etc...

    I'll be revamping the website and posting photos etc when up and running.

    In the meantime check out some example mp3s from the studio on:


    and updated information will be available on this thread and on the website :


    Many thanks to all the people I have worked with over the past year for their continued support.

    Declan Legge
  2. avatar dynamoJoni
    good luck with the building work Declan when your fully up and running give us a shout. we'll be working with you again for sure !