1. avatar fastfude
    NWIFHE, Derry

    TEL: (028) 71 276550

    E-mail : ian.bell@nwifhe.ac.uk

    The college is equiped with state of the art recording hardware and software and we are always willing to help young bands... We offer studio time at discounted rates with students as engineers or at £25 per hour with a qualified engineer.
  2. avatar The Evangelists
    Some Pictures of this fine studio are available from [url="http://www.fragilehumanorgans.co.uk/pictures.htm"]HERE[/url]

    They're all copyrighted pictures though, so watch out! Edited by: The Evangelists at: 1/28/02 4:19:04 pm
  3. avatar Future Real
    OK its one thing having a top studieo, but who does the recordings. Is it students or are there people who can get the best out of the excellent equipment.

    Whos the top man that works down there.
  4. avatar The Evangelists
    Whos the top man that works down there?

    Ian Bell!
  5. avatar fhoadam
    My first post!
    Pictures courtesy of those fragile human organs bouys... Edited by: BlimeyitsSimey at: 10/28/02 1:44:28 am
  6. avatar Valdes
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  7. avatar MSB Mastering
    This is a great way for young bands to get experience and exposure, as well as for engineers to hone their chops, but I think it would only be fair to say that tracks recorded in colleges can't be released commercially.
  8. avatar flightstrip
    that's laid down the gauntlet!lol.
    manys a top 40 hit has been recorded in home studios never mind a well equipped college studio.
    defo good on the job training for young engineers/producers.

    (ps-nice one spambot valdes for resurrecting this post)
  9. avatar MSB Mastering
    Actually, I wasn't making a comment on the quality of the work, but rather the fact that the equipment that colleges get is purchased at discounted rates for which the conditions of sale will stipulate this. If this were not the case, unfair competition to commercial studios would occur.
  10. avatar sloppyjoe
    What's all this - spambot actually sparked a useful discussion?
  11. avatar flightstrip
    um!what?colleges get their gear at knockdown prices as long as they don't try to compete with 'proper' studios?
    or am I misinterpreting?:O
  12. avatar DangerZone
    My first post!
    Hey there.

    I teach Music Production at the North West Regional College (as it's now known), In fact I currently hold the position that Ian Bell used to occupy.

    A couple of things: firstly, we no longer offer paid studio time at our studios. It's a crying shame but the red tape involved just makes it a non-viable option. Having said that our students are welcome to make use of the facilities as much as possible while they are studying here. If they choose to record a few tracks for their band and release them commercially then they are more than welcome to.

    "the equipment that colleges get is purchased at discounted rates for which the conditions of sale will stipulate this"

    While it's not really relevant as the studio is not hired out anymore, there is no stipulation on this. If a paying student uses the facilities available to them to create a recording for example, then that recording is theirs to do with as they wish. If an outside organisation were to approach us and navigate through the red tape and rent our studio for a weekend then there are no restrictions on how they use these recordings.